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Free Hosting: Alternatives, Analysis and Opinions

If you are just starting out with a website or project and want to experience hosting without spending money, free solutions can help you. A free hosting can guide a beginner developer to define the characteristics of the web, prior to hiring a provider.

It is important to choose a reliable free hosting, because they do not guarantee a backup of information. But don’t worry, discover in these lines the best free hosting.

What is Free Hosting?

Free hosting are services provided by companies for various purposes, either advertising or service testing. They allow you to host a web page or web site without any official cost, from anywhere in the world, allowing the traffic of visits and web management.

hosting gratuitos

Free hosting are spaces within a server provided by a company or provider. You can access a domain, applications such as cPanel for free and simple WordPress versions at no cost.

There are several advantages of free hosting lately, from the reduction of unwanted advertising to the integration of useful applications. They offer advantages for beginners such as databases with MySQL systems, PHP languages, data transfers and others.

Discover all the features and functions of free hosting with us and decide among the many options to get started in the digital world.

Best Benefits of the Best Free Hosting

Finding the best free web hosting is quite a mission for those who are starting out in web development. An ideal way to distinguish the best free hosting is by determining the benefits it can bring.

First of all, this service has no contracts or costs for its services, it serves as a test hosting to learn the features of a server. A second advantage is the presence of your project on the web without investment, enjoying assigned subdomains.

Now, a benefit that you must specify in order to find the right free hosting, is the technical service. Not all free hosting services are available, but if the host allows it, you have struck gold. Other benefits allow you to create different mails, provide storage space, installation of free cPanel and

A free hosting is ideal for managing a small project, for a trial period to learn the features of a hosting.

Top Free Hostings







Business Hosting Analysis and Features

1. Quality of Support

Technical support is lacking in free hosting, and it is one of the disadvantages of this type of hosting, when you need technical help you will not always get answers. Although some free providers have live or community chat services that can take a while to respond, most of them are not available in English.

2. Ease of Use

The processes to enter and manage a free hosting are simple and versatile, when registering you only have to fill in certain fields, do not fill in credit card details or sensitive information. As for the administration, it has free cPanel versions of WordPress installations to facilitate the management and administration of the website. It also has creators and templates to design a professional looking site.

zyro creador sitios web

3. Storage

Storage is one of the most important points when choosing a free hosting, you must make sure it has at least 1 GB of SSD. If you want to download applications like WordPress you will need adequate space. Free hosting storage is not a great advantage, if you have less than one GB you may not be able to add multimedia content, with less traffic and data security.

4. Domain Names

The domain name must always be acquired, either from the paid services of the free host or your own domain. Domains are almost never totally free, you must pay for them separately. Within the hosting you will be able to acquire assigned subdomains to host your web. In case you have your own domain you can transfer it for free, migrating the data easily.

registrador de dominios web

5. Databases

If you intend to choose a free hosting you must make sure that it has databases, most of them allow access to 1 or 3 PHP or MySQL databases. From the control panel or cPanel the user can manage the databases, with few advanced features. The advantage of free databases is the creation of dynamic pages.

6. Transfer

Free hosting has limitations in data transfer or bandwidth, usually about 10 MB of monthly transfer. These are not advantageous figures, but if you calculate the traffic and weight of the files you can enjoy a service suitable for a small web site. You must be attentive to the deadlines, generally the monthly limit can damage the web, eliminating data.

7. Mail

If you decide to choose a free hosting to get started in the world of web development and web pages, you should know that one advantage of these hosting is the free mail. Most of the free providers set up between 1 to 3 email addresses. This will be useful to learn how to create email networks and familiarize yourself with webmail during the trial period.

8. Applications

Free hosting allows you to install certain applications from the cPanel, others come pre-installed, but most of them are free versions. Therefore, they will not have the same properties as the original applications. Such is the case of WordPress.Org a free software similar to CMS or Joomla with free versions without optimized functions.

9. Multisite

The disadvantage of free web hosting is the limitations for certain functions, such as multisite. Being able to have a network of sites is impossible in free versions, they only allow few websites, mostly only allow 1 website. However, there are free hosting to host between 3 and 5 domains with more data traffic and storage but they are usually plagued with advertising.

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10. SSL Certificate

Security is important in the web and digital projects, an attack can violate the data and ruin the whole project. For this reason, some free web hosts have developed free SSL certificates, with certain limitations in terms of their services, but keep the web with an encryption that provides security and displays the padlock on the page.

Reasons to Choose a Good Free Hosting

  • Trial Hosting

It is an ideal hosting to test a web page, to get familiar with terms such as: cPanel or WordPress and to have basic indications. It is also useful to make a “web draft” where you can modify a backup of your original site to evaluate possible changes.

  • Hosting without Investment

It allows you to host your site on the web, at no cost, sometimes have services and resources suitable for periodic operation. The disadvantage is its limitations, since its storage and speed will always be surpassed compared to paid hosting.

  • Short Term Projects

It is useful for web projects with a few weeks of duration, if you must launch a page for a few weeks a free hosting is a great benefit. Sometimes it is useful for much smaller projects such as a school presentation or small events such as parties or weddings and the like.

  • Free Domains

Most of these hosting offer a free web domain, usually these are usually the same names of the provider, which aesthetically and talking about SEO is not beneficial but can get you out of trouble if you need to publish a not very professional page.

Free Hosting Prices and Promotions


The different providers do not have any initial investment, they let you host the site for a limited time. However, if you want a better experience we invite you to hire a cheap or professional hosting in case you have a more serious project.


Among the promotions are resources such as storage, free cPanel and WordPress, SSL certificate among others. But we doubt that you can get better promotions, since the plans are already free.

Free Hosting Reviews

User reviews converge on the ease of use and the benefits of hosting from anywhere in the world without spending money. For different beginner developers it is useful to register in a free hosting to test their websites, test their performance, design and interface.

Despite not getting professional results, they can have an idea to decide on a specific hosting. In addition, it is of great help for sites or personal pages that receive little user traffic, it helps them to host their projects without paying.

Free Hosting Conclusion

The free hosting services distributed by different companies and providers are basic technological options that allow hosting websites, blogs or small pages. They do not require prior investment or hiring, you just need to register and start enjoying the benefits of free hosting.

It is important to hire or have your own domain, which you can easily transfer, since the different options do not have domains. But how do free hosting services work if they do not have domains? These services provide you with a subdomain to host the site, although within their platforms you can buy one at low prices.

hosting gratuitos con cpanel

Although free hosting is advantageous for beginners, because of the server technology that sometimes is high-end, its free creators, availability and resources. The truth is not recommended, because they do not allow to have a reliability of the hosted data, it is a service that can have intermittence and the data can disappear.

Other disadvantages are the storage capacity, database, multisite, bandwidth and others. To enjoy these privileges you must hire the paid version of the hosting; however, they are compensated with virtues in the control panel, integrating a free cPanel and WordPress.Org.

If you are looking for a free hosting for testing or hosting personal sites for a short time, the options presented above will be very useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is Free Hosting?

The free hosting services distributed by different companies and providers are basic technological options that allow you to host websites, blogs or small pages.

👌 Why Choose Free Hosting?

The reasons for choosing free hosting lie in the testing of a website by a novice developer, which allows him to become familiar with the system. In addition, it is ideal for personal sites to stay on the web at no cost.

⭐ What are the Benefits of Free Hosting?

Free hosting allows you to host a web site with storage, SSL certificates, subdomain, email, create professional looking web site designs, and more at no cost for your resources.

➡️ What is the Price of Free Hosting?

As the name suggests, free hosting does not have a monetary charge or prices adjusted to your resources. However, you can opt for a version with more tools at lower prices within certain free hosting.

This has been all our about Free Hosting, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this type of hosting is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this guide you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

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