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WP Engine: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

WordPress has been the tool par excellence for all developers and beginners who are just starting a web project. Can you imagine having a web hosting specialized in WordPress, WPEngine is the solution.

WPEngine is a technology company that seeks that each of the users get web innovation and the best service. It is responsible for providing users with the best tools to manage a website with WordPress and quickly boost your business.

At Dolphin Hosting we wondered how satisfactory WPEngine’s plans will be, that’s why we have tested for a few months its services. Discover the number 1 platform for WordPress and each of its advantages and disadvantages.

WP Engine Pros and Cons


  • Fast loading time
  • Expert technical support
  • Advanced security settings
  • Free backups
  • 10 premium themes
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Create optimized websites


  • Does not offer free domains
  • Limited email
  • Does not offer unlimited storage
  • High prices

WP Engine offers and plans




per month

✓ 10 GB SSD
✓ 50GB Bandwidth
✓ 1 Website

View plan




per month

✓ 15GB SSD
✓ 125GB Bandwidth
✓ 3 Website

View plan




per month

✓ 50 GB SSD
✓ 500GB Bandwidth
✓ 30 Websites

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Reasons For Choosing WP Engine 2024

There are some important reasons to choose this popular WordPress hosting, among them the following are usually highlighted. At WP Engine you will be able to generate a website 40% faster, this translates into a profit for your business, because fast sites make more money.

WP Engine: Opiniones y Promociones

Also in WP Engine you can take advantage of each of the automated and managed updates to create daily backups and keep data safe. This allows the user to focus only on your business.

In WP Engine you will be able to create websites optimized for mobile devices, this feature signals the evolution and improvement of the platform. In this way, you will boost your project to the maximum with scalable and fast solutions.

One last reason to choose WP Engine is the technical support that is full of professionals who provide personalized communication. This is why WP Engine is a complete WordPress platform for dynamic websites.

WPEngine Services 2024

  • Enterprise WordPress Hosting

A solution to boost your website by increasing web traffic, conversion rates, providing ultra-fast load times. This WPEngine service includes world-class security and a better customer experience.

  • WordPress Enterprise Platform

A reliable service that includes WP Engine is the WordPress enterprise platform, this service is used by the best agencies in the world. It is characterized by scalability and allows you to transform your human efforts into a website improvement.

WP Engine: Hosting Empresarial para WordPress

  • WooCommerce Hosting

WP Engine solutions for e-commerce are one of the best known for its speed and security. It is ideal for growing an online store, because it increases the speed of the website up to 40% which translates into an increase in sales up to 18%.

  • Tools for agencies and freelancers

WPEngine offers you a Flywheel growth package allowing you to generate recurring revenue. Agency tools help in managing sites in one place, thus making it easier to get paid on time and delight customers.

WPEngine Analysis and Features

a. Quality Support

Having a team of professionals to provide support and help in times of doubts or problems is essential. WP Engine presents one of the best technical support with 24/7 activity.

The support service for customers is personalized, therefore, you will have a response tailored to your needs. WP Engine agents solve problems within minutes and are experts in WordPress and multisite management.

WP Engine: Calidad del Soporte Técnico

To communicate with the provider they have arranged some simple channels like live chat, phone number (+1-512-273-3906) and ticket generators for invoice or account help.

b. Ease of Use

WP Engine’s ease of use is one of the aspects that stands out the most, by specializing in WordPress it facilitates some functions of the popular CMS. It presents an easy to use interface to manage the hosting functions.

The hosting plans feature local developer tools, a resource for local WordPress boosting and extracting development environments. In addition, it incorporates free premium themes to save time in editing a website.

It is a provider that does not have cPanel, so it may become complex for those who are not familiar with this type of management. But this is compensated by incorporating functions and staging with just one click for WordPress.

c. Storage

One of the points worth detailing is WP Engine’s storage, due to the fact that it incorporates a web space suitable for each project. It has plans for all types of customers from basic storage to advanced solutions.

Start with the Startup plan with 10 GB of disk space, the second WP Engine plan features 15 GB. If you need even more space perhaps the Growth plan will be the ideal one, it includes 20 GB of storage.

There are some advanced options, namely the Scale and Custom plans that feature 50 GB of web space and above. Although it is not a large amount of storage it is optimal for the nature of the provider, to manage WordPress.

d. Domain Names

This provider has two not so positive points: the lack of cPanel and that it does not include free domains, but this is due to the objectives of the provider. Because it is dedicated to creating websites with WordPress and optimizing them.

This does not rule out that you can host a domain after an additional contract with another provider, but at WP Engine you will not find this service.

e. Databases

After the absence of cPanel managing databases could be a disadvantage, luckily WP Engine has thought of that. From PhpMyAdmin you will be able to manage and create databases.

One particularity is that the provider does not specify the number of databases that the plan can generate. An aspect that detracts from the transparency of the service, even so it should incorporate a prudent amount because each installation of WordPress plugins must be done separately.WP Engine: Características y Precios

It also presents EverCache to store the databases and keep the information backed up. The databases in WP Engine deliver on its promise of being a protection for sensitive data.

f. Data Transfer

One of the most beneficial features of the provider is its data transfer which has a monthly traffic that adapts to the indications of each plan. In the starter package you will have a bandwidth of 50 GB monthly.

In the professional plan it includes 125 GB, in the growth packages the user has 200 GB of monthly traffic. While in the more advanced WordPress hosting solutions the user has the possibility to have 500 GB of data transfer.

Although it does not have unlimited traffic, this amount of bandwidth is ideal for maintaining a project.

g. Mail

This WP Engine service is another one that omits, that is to say, you will not have traditional mail accounts in the WordPress plans. Not having access to webmail or Webmail is a big disadvantage.

But, we reaffirm that it is part of the interests and objectives of the provider to engage in a specific business, building in WordPress. So I will not be able to have email? Yes, you will be able to have emails for this you will have to hire an external platform that can handle the volume of emails that is appropriate for your website.

h. Applications

WP Engine is designed for WordPress helping in the creation, editing and administration of web content, but it inserts within its functions the monitoring of applications. To maintain good performance and help users maintain plugins and scripts.

WP Engine: Aplicaciones y Facilidad de Uso

However, by not integrating cPanel, the installation of other applications may be a difficulty for those who do not know this procedure. For this, technical support will be able to help you.

WP Engine provides applications that you can install from the platform to help boost your website.

i. Multisite

WP Engine allows multisite access especially with the WordPress Multisite plugin. Despite not having cPanel, with this feature available in the plans you will be creating a network of websites on the same CMS installation.

Managing and administering a multidisciplinary project will not be a problem in WP Engine, in case of doubts, it is recommended to ask for support from technical support.

j. SSL Certificate

An advantage of the provider are the SSL certificates which are free for all plans, because for WP Engine privacy and security is fundamental. Each user will be able to have a correct data encryption to keep your customers with the best confidence and protect sensitive data.

The SSL certificate is an advantage for SSH developers, it is a positive point that this company integrates.

WPEngine Pricing and Promotions

WPEngine being a U.S. company offers plans and monthly billing cycles in dollars, these have a somewhat high rate compared to other providers, in the following table you can see the prices:

Service Offer ( Price Savings
Startup 30 monthly 24$ First month (2% discount)
Professional $59 monthly 47.20$ First month (2% discount)
Growth 115 monthly 92$ First month (2% discount)
Scale 290 monthly 232$ First month (2% discount)

In WPEngine they offer you monthly coupons, a discount of 20% is applied in the Hosting plans for WordPress. A monthly discount is enabled so that customers can access a service at affordable prices.

WPEngine Payment Methods

In this provider does not allow bank transfers or payment with cryptocurrencies, being a company presents a number of options and general payment methods. That is, they can be valid in different regions, among the most common ones are:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal

Disadvantages of WPEngine

Among the disadvantages of this hosting provider it is common to read the high price, although they have been justified in the past, that the price goes in relation to the quality. The truth is that a WPEngine monthly plan can be expensive.

Other users have stated that theemail functionality is a point that needs to be improved, for some it is more advantageous to be able to access from Webmail. Other disadvantages of the service is the storage and bandwidth, with a high price one would expect unlimited resources and these depend on each plan, being metered and restricted.

These are some details that detract a complete scheme to the provider, even it would be ideal to integrate a control panel such as cPanel.

WPEngine Hosting Conclusion

But then WP Engine is the best provider for WordPress? It is indeed a complete platform that we have been able to test for the popular CMS. For a few months we decided to host on the Professional plan despite not having a control panel like cPanel, its interface is perfect and easy to use.

It presents different functions to create a website with power, creativity and professionalism, some aspects that we found deficient is the storage. Which offered only 15 GB on the disk, for the price was not the best capacity.

WP Engine: ¿Vale la pena? Reseña

However, they do not present any problem, another aspect that we expected were email accounts, domains but they were not within the objectives of WP Engine. Now, the free premium themes were a good addition by the provider.

The technical support is great and the ease of one-click installation is second to none. Despite the disadvantages with the theme price and resource it is an excellent solution for those who want a platform to manage WordPress websites.

Personally, I believe that there are other hosting providers that can offer you a better value for money product, so the answer is no.

Alternatives to WP Engine Hosting

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WP engine data and characteristics sheet

Main features WP Engine
Price 30$
View offer
Shared accommodation price $30
Dedicated hosting pricing -
VPS Hosting Pricing -
Money back policy 60 days
Server location United States
Disk (SSD or HDD) SSD
CPU cores (number) 4
Charging time (ms) 500ms
Control panel (cpanel, etc.)
Disk space (up to GB) From 10 GB
RAM (up to GB) From 4 GB
Web page builder?
Free site migration?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is WP Engine?

WPEngine is a US hosting provider founded in 2010 which specializes in WordPress hosting. It provides solutions for blogging, business and marketing strategies to position and grow the website.

✌ Why Choose WPEngine?

Reasons why you should choose this hosting provider include their comprehensive web solutions for businesses, agencies, freelancers and personal websites. Their products are a creative and complete platform for managing WordPress.

👌 What are the benefits of WPEngine?

The benefits of a hosting plan with WPEngine translate into the growth of your website by increasing the loading speed to 40%. It also offers free services such as SSL certificates, free migrations and one-click installations.

💰 What is the price of WPEngine?

One of the most common WPEngine solutions is Business WordPress Hosting which has the following monthly fee:

  • Startup $20 monthly
  • Professional $39 monthly
  • Growth $76 monthly
  • Scale $193 monthly
🚀 How to install WPEngine?

To install WPEngine you must log in and access your hosting account on the provider’s official site after you have chosen the plan look for the options to download locally. To run the installation you need some specialized software and programs that you can learn about with the help of the support.

This has been our summary about WP Engine, we tried to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

Writer and Hosting Tester. I like to share my hosting experiences and write reviews.

Opinions and experiences of WP Engine users

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