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Best WordPress Hosting: Price, Reviews and Opinions

No coding, no manuals, create without limits with WordPress hosting. The design features will allow you to highlight your website with a professional finish. You will find the perfect style for your project by building blocks and adding benefits.

A specialized WordPress hosting is configured to offer the developer, whether expert or beginner, an optimal experience, with performance and security. Most providers offer the necessary resources for the optimization of the website created in WordPress at affordable prices.

The most popular CMS in the digital world integrates hundreds of applications, to simplify actions and always carry with you the management of the website. Join a managed experience for websites created with WordPress and get the best provider.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) whose open source software allows you to create websites, blogs and applications. More than 43% of all sites on the Internet have been developed from WordPress, both simple and complex projects.

Since its launch in 2003 it has become a powerful content management system, which has constantly implemented tools. Making the functions of WordPress increasingly unlimited.

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Although it was initially designed for PHP-based blogs, it has diversified to develop high-level digital projects without programming skills.

The ease of use to publish digital content in a simple way has catapulted it as a very popular tool.

WordPress is the place where ideas come together in freedom and materialize thanks to more than 55,000 plugins. It is possible to add online stores, galleries, forums, analytics or make mailing lists.

WordPress Hosting List

We at Hosting Dolphin have taken the task of selecting for you a list of other hosting providers for you to make your choice: In the following list, you will find the reviews of the best hosting on our website:

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting

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Reasons to Choose a Good WordPress Host

  • Highly Scalable

One of the main reasons to choose WordPress is that it contains everything to create the website of your dreams. Numerous free or paid plugins that add functionalities such as content marketing to execute contacts with visitors and generate more impact.

In this way a WordPress hosting maintains stability, warmth and increases the prestige of the brand materialized in sales and interactions.

  • Modern Templates

There is no doubt that the engine of WordPress are the templates to design attractive content and adapted to the style of each website. The modern design features of WordPress templates must be responsive, that is, adapted to mobile systems such as phones and tablets.

Responsive design is one of the determinants for choosing WordPress theme, this is a benefit for the developer who does not need to adjust the content manually. Instead, the design automatically adapts to the size of the screen where it is displayed.

  • Optimized for SEO

WordPress allows you to take care of SEO to position yourself among the first places in Google, it maintains a good relationship with search engines. The open and clean code allows to improve the SEO of the website, it also presents different components to contribute to the task.

It allows you to enter Keywords, titles, descriptions, guiding the user in the SEO conditions, that is, if it is good, bad or regular.

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  • Different User Roles

A WordPress hosting is the solution for personal blogs, because you can create different roles with different permissions. You can authorize a user to write articles without allowing full access to the website and CMS.

These are some of the excellent reasons to prefer specialized WordPress hosting.

Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting

Finding the best provider to host WordPress websites is like walking down an aisle full of options. How do you know which one is the right one? To do this, it is necessary to identify the requirements of the project and compare with the main providers.

In order to facilitate the choice, we offer some key points to choose the best hosting for WordPress.

1. Quality of Support

Having attention at all times is fundamental in a hosting for WordPress, for this the providers maintain an attentive support at convenient times.

Generally, customer support is available 24 hours a day through various communication channels such as: telephone, live-chat, tickets or emails.

Response times can vary from a few minutes to 12 hours; likewise, there are official WordPress sources to find specialized support. Group forums, Facebook, YouTube channels and knowledge bases with accurate articles stand out.

2. Ease of Use

You don’t need a manual, nor do you need to be an expert to acquire WordPress hosting, they are designed to be user-friendly resources. As WordPress is an open source software, the interface and dashboard has intuitive and quick options.

The fascinating WordPress text editor saves your work every few seconds, so you don’t lose progress. Moreover, it is easy to create and materialize your ideas with the website builder that works with smart templates with free and premium versions.

Just drag and drop and insert multimedia content to generate websites and blogs, just like a professional designer.

3. Technological Requirements

One of the technological requirements that WordPress hosting incorporates is SEO tools. They generate sitemaps to make it easy for readers to find you.

In addition, they prevent patches, unwanted updates or superfluous elements, remove ads, grant SFTP access and unlimited databases.

WordPress hosting plans support unmetered traffic and bandwidth, SSD storage from 10 GB to 100 GB and even out-of-the-box Cache. Each project has its own requirements, it is necessary to recognize them and compare with the provider.

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4. Server Location and Availability

A server allows the scalability of the website, allowing the incorporation of new tools such as WordPress as needed. You can expand the space within the server without the need to change or hire another provider.

The availability of the servers for WordPress hosting should not be below 99% in order to avoid unexpected slowdowns, crashes or crashes. Modern servers allow high redundancy, high connectivity and low latency and even global reach.

WordPress Pricing and Promotions

WordPress hosting rates vary according to the user’s needs, the resources offered by the provider and the capabilities.

Here are some of the rates that reputable providers present from the most basic plans to the ideal packages for businesses.

Hosting Monthly Plans and Pricing Promotions
Hostinger Single $1.99
Starter $3.99
Business $6.99
Pro $11.59
Save up to 80% off
BlueHost Basic $3.45
Plus $5.45
Choice Plus $5.45
No promotions
SiteGround StartUp $3.99
GrowBig $6.69
GoGeek $10.69
Save up to 73% off
GoDaddy Basic $8.99
Deluxe $11.99
Ultimate $18.99
e-commerce $20.99
Save up to 20% off
WordPress Personal $7
Premium $14
Business $33
Ecommerce $59
No promotions

WordPress Promotions

In general, WordPress hosting providers present discount rates that favor the acquisition of their plans. They likewise present coupons to get special promotions that have a specific duration.

Particularly each of the plans integrate advanced options and resources that can be free or unlimited. Everything will depend on the type of hosting and plan, whether: personal, premium, business, eCommerce.

WordPress Payment Methods

Payment methods tend to change depending on the hosting provider or the country where the user resides. However, some general payment methods have been established:

  • Bank transfers.
  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Debit cards: according to country.
  • Paypal
  • Cryptocurrencies

How to Install WordPress Hosting?

To install WordPress on a hosting service there are 2 ways, the first is the manual method, where the user must apply certain procedures.

The second method is the automatic installation, the user can bypass the process because it is practically done alone, let’s examine each of the methods.

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Manual Method for Installing WordPress

To install the CMS you must follow a series of steps in succession in order to achieve the goal quickly

  1. Download the installation package from the official WordPress website, it is recommended that you purchase the latest and most stable version. Once downloaded it will be saved on your hard drive, you must extract it in a new folder.
  2. Upload the file to your server using FTP access, in case you do not know the FTP client you should refer to the tutorials provided by the provider. It is important that the files are uploaded in the public_html folder if you want an installation on the main domain.
  3. Create a MySQL database for WordPress to use, assign a user and confirm all permissions.
  4. Go to the website to continue with the installation, if you have uploaded the files to the main domain you must access In the link you choose the language and information needed to proceed and enter the database credentials.
  5. Once you have done this, you must enter the administrator data and web title, you can configure it so that the search engines index your content. At the end you must click on “Install WordPress“.

The CMS will be installed and ready to use.

Automatic Installation Method

  • You enter from the control panel of your provider to a section similar to “software/services and packs” to access the applications tab.
  • You must scroll to WordPress, click on the installer icon and the process will start.
  • Then select the domain, set the administrator settings and complete the installation processes.
  • At the conclusion of the progressive bar you can head to the domain URL to access the website.

WordPress Hosting Reviews

For Bloggers, WordPress is one of the best tools out there, with free services and awesome themes to help them grow.

It allows you to embed YouTube videos, Google Maps locations and publish content without code.

Generally when hiring a hosting for WordPress is not necessary to perform installations or maintenance, the provider takes care of the technical details. In case of problems a technical support agent via chat or email will keep in touch with the affected user.

However, WordPress hosting has limitations in its most basic plans, which are accentuated in the integration of SEO tools. Unless you choose a business package, you will not be able to optimize search engines or advanced design features.

Conclusion on WordPress Hosting

What makes WordPress hosting special? It can be: easy installation, easy to start creating, security and maintenance.

Resources and design tools, publishing and even content management, a host of reasons that boil down to quality.

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Specialized WordPress hosting provides an accessible user experience, despite the limitations of basic plans, it provides a professional finish. Rates are tailored to the needs of developers with some fascinating promotions.

You can certainly stand out among other websites and make the most of each of the hosting features in order to acquire an optimized environment. Generate a website, blog, online store and materialize your digital project without technicalities or programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is WordPress Hosting?

A WordPress hosting is a specialized type of hosting for websites created by the CMS. They are configured to provide performance, optimization and quality content using state-of-the-art tools for design, management and security.

🔥 Why Choose WordPress Hosting?

Among the main reasons to choose a WordPress hosting is the reliable service that avoids sudden outages and crashes. In addition, the powerful and easy to use design and publishing tools which are professional, efficient and compatible with mobile applications.

⭐ What are the benefits of a WordPress Hosting?

Materialize the digital project of your dreams is the benefit that stands out in WordPress, thousands of templates with customizable editors to create according to your style. This type of hosting is oriented in the evolution and update allowing to host fast, secure and stable websites.

💰 What is the price of a WordPress Hosting?

The rates for WordPress hosting vary according to the capacity of each plan offered by the providers, among the most popular are:

  • Hostinger from $1.99 to $11.59 per month
  • BlueHost from $3.45 to $5.45 per month
  • SiteGround from $3.99 to $10.69 per month
  • GoDaddy from $8.99 to $20.99 per month
🚀 How to Install WordPress?

There are two methods to install WordPress, the automatic one through installers integrated to cPanel either Softaculous or provider’s packs. The other method is manual, you must follow certain steps: download the file, upload it to FTP, create a database, go to the website to continue the installation, add credentials and accept terms.

✌ Can I hire a WordPress Hosting for free?

There are many completely free WordPress hosting providers, however, they are not recommended due to limitations. The creation of websites would lose some tools that confer professionalism.

This has been all our summary about Best WordPress Hosting, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

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