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HostMonster: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

HostMonster is a popular web hosting provider with more than 20 years of experience in hosting services, hosting more than 2 million domains. It is positioned globally and has very attractive server locations for users from all over the world.

HostMonster had its beginnings in 1996 in the United States and since then has stood out for providing worldwide services with outstanding customer service. HostMonster presents competitive plans with unlimited resources that you should surely take into account if you want to grow your digital business.

HostMonster Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding technical support
  • Global server placement
  • Unlimited resources
  • cPanel access
  • WordPress applications
  • Competitive pricing with 30-day guarantee


  • Technical support in English only
  • Limited payment methods
  • Free SSL only on pro plans

HostMonster Offers and Plans





per month

✓ 50GB SSD Disk
✓ Unlimited Bandwidth
✓ 1 Website

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per month

✓ 2 GB RAM
✓ 1 IPS

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per month

✓ 4 GB RAM
✓ 3 IPS

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Reasons to Choose HostMonster in 2024

HostMonster has a top-notch service rated by experts and users as outstanding. Without a doubt something to take into account when choosing a provider is the speed, efficiency and availability of the server, benefits that HostMonster provides in its resources and packages.

HostMonster allows you to save thanks to the proposals in each of its hosting services for a site or digital business. By hiring any of its shared, dedicated or VPS hosting plans you will get between 53, 64 and 65% discount at no additional cost in the renewal of the service.

In addition, you can get unlimited resources and advanced tools to manage the digital project with the power of HostMonster. With access to security and privacy settings the user will have freedom and control within your website.

HostMonster Review

HostMonster Services in 2024

  • Shared Hosting

HostMonster provides a shared hosting service with website-friendly features. It has technology features, e-commerce, WordPress management, multimedia features, mail and website scripting.

  • VPS Hosting

HostMonster provides VPS plans with instant provisioning with powerful resources based on cloud technology. It has an enhanced cPanel with an enhanced feature set.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Designed with cloud-based technology to facilitate managed hosting with instant provisioning. HostMonster’s dedicated plans provide enhanced caching, optimized cPanel, WordPress and CMS management.

HostMonster Features and Analysis

a. Quality of Support

HostMonster excels in customer-oriented hosting service, according to experts and feedback from its own users, HostMonster has been outstanding when it comes to addressing questions and concerns. Not only does HostMonster provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, but it complements this with exclusive user support.

Soporte técnico de HostMonster

In addition, it has 5 open channels to request technical help, with response times of only minutes. Of course, it includes a knowledge base for all aspects of your website or interface, support for WordPress applications and access to cPanel.

b. Ease of Use

HostMonster has taken care to make the hosting services and plans a smooth and easy experience, that’s why it includes access to a fully optimized cPanel, simplifying actions. This facility allows within the menu of options greater freedom when managing the development and strength of the web project.

HostMonster also adds optimized and updated applications such as WordPress, another tool that will undoubtedly be useful for your website or web business. All their plans include a free domain for 1 year very easy to create and with many options to choose from, plus credits for AdWord.

c. Storage

At HostMonster the storage will vary according to the plan chosen by the user, the plans are adapted to the size and scope of the digital project. The basic plans offer a variety of GB of storage, bandwidth, transfer and extensive RAM.

Opiniones de HostMonster

Unlike in Plus and Business plans, the storage will be completely unlimited, which allows for greater fluidity and speed of the website. A feature to take into account if you have a website or business with high demand.

Generally, the SSD disk storage will be unlimited or unmetered but not infinite; there is a policy of correct use of disk space.

d. Domain Names

HostMonster has been in business for decades and has managed to provide traditional and popular domain names in the digital world. There are for all options, all of them fit perfectly with the project model you have. You have the opportunity to create your own domain name in minutes allowing a better position in search engines.

The most searched domains by users and the ones that remain as HostMonster’s top choices are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .site
  • .online
  • .website
  • .es
  • .store

All HostMonster plans include free domain for one year and in advanced plans unlimited domains. Ideal for the creation of subprojects within the same network and without the need to cancel for extra resources.

e. Databases

The databases in HostMonster provide a wide service in the Plus, Business or Pro plans you can take advantage of the information processing. In basic plans the database is limited, it has 20 tables, which can slow down the development of a website.

On the other hand, if you purchase advanced plans, the databases will be completely unlimited, guaranteeing greater data storage in an organized way. This allows for scalable scope and growth.

Contratar los servicios de HostMonster

At HostMonster you don’t need a costly investment to enjoy MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN, PHP5 and other database services.

f. Transfer

HostMonster has unlimited transfers in all plans and services, unlike other companies HostMonster has this goodness from its smallest plans. And the bandwidth has the same unmetered feature, this allows for ample data throughput.

The data transferred per second facilitates the speed of the website, guaranteeing the connection of users without limitations. Like the storage, it is an unlimited but not infinite service, there are some daily restrictions according to each plan.

On the other hand, HostMonster supports FTP access to upload, transfer or edit files between two hosts. An advantage for the transfer of information, you only have to download the necessary plugins to use this benefit.

g. Mail

A professional email account is important to bring reliability and strength to your digital business by communicating with potential customers. HostMonster thinks about this and offers 5 email accounts and storage between 500 GB or unlimited space depending on the plan you decide to choose.

In addition, it provides access to WebMail, synchronization with your mobile devices to manage from anywhere, AdWord. SEO tools for email provide strategies such as autoresponders for email management.

The security and privacy of email accounts are important so HostMonster provides the service with ad-free systems and anti-spam blocking.

h. Applications

HostMonster has all the necessary and versatile tools with optimization and upgrades for CMS such as WordPress via cPanel. Other available applications are Drupal, Joomla, Cloudflare CDN which have an automated installer.

If we focus on the most popular application WordPress you will be able to enjoy a change of appearance, create web page, edit website information. To include WordPress it is necessary, log into cPanel, access the “website” option and select the alternative “install WordPress.”

Then, choose the domain name to install it, insert the application in a folder and then read the terms and conditions to finalize the installation; all from cPanel.

Análisis de los Mejores Hosting Web

i. Multisites

HostMonster allows the creation of multisites within the same web site and without the need to hire other services or extra support for these subprojects. Each multisite comes with a completely free and unlimited subdomain, email account, cPanel access and WordPress enabled to manage all aspects of the website and your new micro project.

HostMonster includes in its plans unlimited templates for multisite creation, unlimited database, drag and drop website builder, unlimited free domain and subdomain, 50GB or more storage depending on the plan.

j. SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is quite a determining factor when choosing a trusted web provider to build or enhance our web business model. A certificate provides solidity, reliability, security, seriousness, versatility and growth in addition to better positioning within the digital market and higher volume of customer traffic to our website.

HostMonster includes SSL certificate, but not free in basic plans, to acquire the free Secure Sockets Layer you must opt for plans priced from $16.95 per month. A disadvantage compared to other hosting companies that offer free SSL no matter what service or plan you need.

HostMonster Pricing & Promotions

HostMonster presents hosting plans with promotions included so that the user can enjoy a plan with extensive advantages in resources and prices. If you want to know the prices of the basic, plus or business packages we invite you to review the following table

Service Offer Price Savings
Starter Plan 4.95 monthly 16% discount
Plus Plan 6.95 monthly 64% discount
Business Plan 14.95 monthly 65% discount

HostMonster Promotions

  • HostMonster offers a 16% discount on its basic service Starter Plan for a 1 year contract.
  • In its Plus plans and Shared, Dedicated and VPS servers, HostMonster includes a 64% discount for annual contracting.
  • In its Business plans, in addition to including unlimited resources and free domain, it includes a 65% discount for a 1 year contract.

HostMonster Payment Methods

Payment methods may vary according to the region where the customer resides, but among the most commercial and popular ones are:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard/ Visa
  • Discover

HostMonster Disadvantages

  • The payment methods are somewhat outdated when purchasing a service or plan with HostMonster. Since we do not have payment methods in cryptocurrencies or PayPal, the activation of the service may take a few days, depending on the plan you choose.
  • Unfortunately, despite having a global presence, the technical support is only available in English, although if you have basic English you will understand very well.

HostMonster Web Hosting Conclusion

HostMonster is a U.S. web hosting provider that has been in the digital market for decades offering top quality services. Its strongest point is the customer service that exceeds expectations according to user reviews; another strong point is the technological infrastructure with multimedia, database storage and server functions.

Global class technology allows features for all types of web sites or web business models. It often has a language barrier, but compensates for it with resources that will undoubtedly empower a website by making it scalable.

Affordable pricing captures attention and positive reviews regarding their plans, with money back guarantees and free credits for applications. It features automatic installations for WordPress, a simplified version of cPanel, a domain extension and of course unlimited storage, bandwidth and SSD disk technology.

It’s time to grow your website with a provider that fits your project requirements.

HostMonster Hosting Alternatives

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Hostmonster datasheet and features

Features Hostmonster
Price from $4.95
View offer
Shared hosting from $4.95
Dedicated hosting from $79.99
VPS Hosting from $19.99
Warranty 30 days
Server location United States
Disk SSD
CPU cores 2
Charging time 936 ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 30GB
RAM memory From 2GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

HostMonster Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is HostMonster?

HostMonster is a provider company in charge of offering web hosting services and plans for all types of users. It had its beginnings in 1996 and has more than two million domains hosted on its services globally.

✌️ Why Choose HostMonster?

It has services and global reach, which translates into a greater variety of benefits in addition to offering excellent server locations. It has affordable prices and a 52% discount on 1-year contracts, in addition to including a 30-day warranty.

✨ What are the benefits of HostMonster?

HostMonster features outstanding global technical support, 99% uptime and 24-hour guarantee, unlimited domains and email accounts, efficient security system, drag and drop builders, free money for AdWords.

💰 What is the HostMonster Price?
  • Starter Plan $4.95 per month and an annual discount of 16%.
  • Plus Plan $6.95 per month and a 64% annual discount.
  • Business Plan $14.95 per month includes unlimited services and 65% annual discount.
  • All plans and services include 30 days warranty.

This has been our summary about Hostmonster, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.


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