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GGServers: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

Do you need a high quality Minecraft server? GGservers the ideal hosting provider for you, since 2013 offers excellent video game hosting services. It takes care of making Minecraft an easy, fun, powerful and secure experience.

GGServers provides the gamer with a variety of powerful tools, adequate support, worldwide data center, quality hardware for efficient work. The affordable prices and the excellence of its plans exalt it in the Minecraft hosting market.

Will GGservers be the Minecraft hosting you need? Discover each of its properties before making a decision.

Pros and Cons of GG Servers


  • Powerful and secure service
  • Good server availability
  • High speed
  • 9 data centers to choose from
  • Powerful server hardware
  • Free DDos protection


  • Unlimited databases only in premium packages
  • Unlimited slots in unlimited plans

GG Servers Offers and Plans




per month

✓ 1024 MB RAM





per month

✓ 2048 MB RAM





per month

✓ 3072 MB RAM


Reasons to Choose GGServers in 2024

The main reasons why it is selected among users highlight the following: the power, security and effectiveness it provides with its servers for hosting video games, such as Minecraft. Some other reasons:

Hosting GGServer

  • All types of Minecraft modpacks and servers

GGServers allows the installation of different modpacks and popular servers with just 1-click.

  • Customization options

You can customize with GGServers the server by upgrading or downgrading, rename subdomains and add custom Jar files. You can include custom worlds through the transfer protocol.

  • Worldwide network

GGServers allows you to choose the location among 9 data centers of a worldwide network to host the Minecraft server. They are located in America, Europe, Asia, Oceania with automatic activation.

GGServers Services in 2024

This hosting provider offers 4 major services, with great acceptance by users

  • Minecraft Hosting

The hosting provider stands out for its powerful services for Minecraft, with beneficial resources and plans.

  • Hytale Hosting

GGServers’ new service is the amazing Hytale server hosting, promising endless possibilities of a sandbox game with RPG elements.

  • Games Hosting

This hosting provider specializes in games, even though it excels in Minecraft, it offers 14 options for game servers .

  • Web Hosting

Three plans for web hosting, with unlimited features and resources at affordable prices and state-of-the-art technologies.

GGServers Reviews and Features

  • Usage for Minecraft

By virtue of the technological solutions offered by GGServers hosting Minecraft on their servers is an optimized experience. The player can choose from a global network of servers with 9 data centers distributed around the world, offering invaluable service.

The servers are powered by a powerful single core CPU in conjunction with an SSD/NNMe hard drive for Minecraft. It includes different modspack and server types to choose from according to the player’s taste.

ggserver hosting

Among many of them we highlight the servers:

  • Java edition the pc version
  • Bedrock the version for mobile devices, tablets, Xbox
  • Spigot modified version of Minecraft with add-ons
  • FTB Optimized version for smooth gameplay

GGservers has a prodigious version of multicraft, allowing the user several powerful, secure and affordable features such as: switching servers, server and chat logs, remote console and multiple world creator.

  • Quality Support

It has a technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with 4 modalities to solve any discordance in the service. The informative and communicational channels are:

  • Ticket Support, for GGServers customers we enable ticket generator options to access technical support, you only have to fill in the data which are composed by: ID, subjects, department, priority, description and the facility to add files.
  • Live Chat, you will receive real time technical support, GGServers people will be available to attend your needs at any time.
  • Social networking, you can join the virtual community on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and its Discord forum.
  • Knowledge Base, in case you don’t receive immediate help, you can check the knowledge base full of files written by the GGSever team.

In general, it is a quality support, acclaimed by the opinions of various users.

  • Ease of Use

There is nothing more dismal in a hosting service than confusing and difficult options, fortunately, a novice and expert player will find it easy to access and even configure GGServers. You won’t have to spend time on general details like login, thanks to the automatic activation this process will be a piece of cake.

Getting started in GGServesr is very simple, the player will receive an email after subscription with the assigned subdomain. From the control panel Multicraft has managed options that facilitate the management of the server.

The options explain the steps to install servers and mods, restart worlds, add icons to the server list. The typography and symbols help the player to guide and manage the service without difficulties.

  • Storage

In a hosting service for Minecraft storage is important, according to the opinion of developers and players there are fundamental criteria. Even if you do not need large memory or storage, to apply mods or custom server RAM should exceed 4 GB.

In case you have mods the storage can be between 1 GB to 3 GB for adequate performance. Indeed, GGServers establishes a balance in all its plans so that the player can enjoy incredible benefits without worrying about storage.

The most basic “standard” plan has 1 GB and the most advanced plan offers 12 GB of RAM. GGServers adapts to the new processes with the transport protocol and access to NVMe storage “fast non-volatile memory” which offers better performance to the Minecraft server.

  • Domain Names

GGServers plans include a free subdomain, this free resource is valuable for player and server administration. A subdomain is an address for connecting to the server.

With the subdomain it is permissible to join and manage the server using the IP address, making it recognizable. From the GGServers “multicraft” panel you can configure the subdomain, change the endings, adjust the network protocols to connect to a LAN; this way other players will be able to recognize the virtual room thanks to IP customization.

ggserver server

  • Databases

Minecraft hosting services have the feature of storing the data generated from the world and the players who connect. They store each of the data in a folder using specialized data processing software.

In this way, GGServers uses MySQL databasesto store data and previous versions of Minecraft. To create a database in GGSErvers you must log into the control panel, enter the credentials and run the MySQL wizard.

In the standard GGServers plans the databases have extra prices for add-ons while in the Premium version it is unlimited.

ggserver service

  • Transfer

The Minecraft hosting service offered by GGServers is an advantage in many aspects, one of them is the transfer, upload or deletion of files. To perform such action it offers you 2 tools: FileZilla and WebClient.

FileZilla you can download it from the web site, once it is installed you enter the corresponding fields to allow the access to the server. When finished you will be connected to FTP to download, upload or modify files.

If you want to move your files around FTP, webclient will be a useful tool to move and delete files. However, it does not support as many functions so for transferring or downloading mods or server FTP is recommended.

  • Applications

GGServers has a range of options in add-ons, servers, plugins and mods that you can download depending on the plan the player chooses. Modpacks allow the modification of aspects of Minecraft, either by adding new features or setting customizations.

To access the modpacks, you must enter the main tab of each server such as: ATLauncher, Spigot, Pixelmon, Twitch, FTB, Java, BedRock.

Also, GGServers has premade add-ons, which have ready-made configurations in the installation of add-ons for the player. The plug-ins are active for use on the pre-built servers.

  • Multisite

Minecraft hosting services are characterized by the creation of multiple worlds, each with user-specific characteristics. Through FTP you can upload and generate different worlds on the server.

To generate different worlds, you must download Multiverse on the server, especially if the player uses spigot or Bukkit. To achieve this feat you must restart the server, run multiverse using commands that are detailed in the database.

The level of complexity is not so high, but you must have knowledge in FTP. Once installed and configured Multiverse in GGServers, it will allow you several worlds at the same time, by means of portals you can access to the worlds.

  • SSL Certificate

Among the premises of GGServers is the security and privacy, for the technical team is a mission to focus on protecting the player against any attack. In a web hosting service the SSL certificate is the security protocol par excellence, which provides privacy and encryption.

But, will it be ideal for a game server? Not really. So GGServers employs DDoS mitigation, which are successful protection protocols to secure a fixed server against distributed denial of service attacks.

The protocol can mitigate the threat in less than five minutes, protection is assured on GGServers servers.

GGServers Pricing and Promotions

GGServers hosting provider’s prices are one of the most beneficial bets, great resources at great prices.

Service Offering Price Savings
Stone 3.00 per month 20% discount
Coal 6.00 per month 20% discount
Iron 9.00 per month 20% discount
Gold 12.00 monthly 20% discount
Lapis 15.00 monthly 20% discount
Redstone 18.00 monthly 20% discount
Diamond 24.00 per month 20% discount
Emerald 36.00 monthly 20% discount

GGServers Promotions

GGServers has a 20% discount that can increase depending on the season of the year, plus coupons for benefits on standard and premium plans.

GGServers Payment Methods

Payment methods may vary according to the region where the user is located, but among the most common are:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Cryptocurrencies

Minecraft Hosting: How to Install GGServers

ggserver juegos

If you are a beginner in the field of programming and hosting services, it is recommended to ask for help from technical support, they will guide the installation process. We will try to outline the main steps to install GGServers

  • Choose and buy Minecraft GGServers plan
  • Configure the domain or subdomain on the server with the Multicraft panel.
  • Determine the administrator options on the server.
  • Finally, log into the Minecraft server with the configured and customized GGServers options.

Although it is not an easy task, the installation of GGServers should be applied very carefully, remember to ask support for help in executing commands.

Disadvantages of Hosting GGServers

One of the disadvantages of GGServers is the lack of unlimited resources in the most basic plans, it does not have its own domain instead subdomain. Also, the SSD NVMe technology infrastructure is not available in the premium versions.

GGServers Hosting Conclusion

GGServers is a specialized hosting provider for video games, stands out for its advances for Minecraft, with managed and optimized resources. Its services stand out for three features: power, security and affordable prices.

This Minecraft hosting provider has a network of worldwide data centers, where you can choose where to stay. DDoS protection empowers the provider with services that mitigate attacks against the server.

YouTube video

The incorporation of plugins, mods and different server versions for Minecraft favors a complete experience for players. All this, product of powerful CPUs and SSD/NVMe.

If you decide to opt for a hosting provider for video games, do not hesitate to choose GGServers, quality of service and good price.

Alternatives to GGServers Hosting

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GGServers datasheet and features

Features GG Servers
Price from $3.00
View offer
Plan Stone desde $3.00
Plan Gold desde $12.00
Emerald Plan from $36.00
Warranty 24 hours
Server location Worldwide
Disco SSD
CPU cores From 1
Charging time 480ms
Control panel Multicraft
Disk space Unlimited
RAM memory From 1024MB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is GGservers?

It is a hosting provider specialized in video games and web hosting services, created in 2013 in Canada. It has spread all over the world, with thousands of hosted users.

✌ Why Choose GGServers?

The hosting provider offers a wide range of resources to power the Minecraft server, free tools, daily backups. Options to download and install in one click.

👍 What are the benefits of GGServers?

Among the benefits you can gain are speed, uptime, low latency, and lag-free connection.

💰 What is the price of GGServers?

GGServers prices range from $3.00 to $36.00 per month on standard plans. Premium plans range from $6.00 to $72.00 per month.

This is our consideration of GG Servers, of course there are always other options to take into account when selecting your hosting for Minecraft, we offer you the following web hosting alternatives.

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GG Servers User Experience and Opinions

Have you used GG Servers before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a GG Servers service in the comments.

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