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OVH: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

It’s time for a change of infrastructure! Bet on digital evolution with OVH Cloud, a web hosting provider characterized by offering cloud services. However, it provides dedicated, shared and VPS hosting functions with high quality technical tools at a global level.

OVH Cloud had its beginnings in 1999 and since then has positioned itself as one of the most popular hosting hosting hosting 1.5 million users and more than 2 million websites. It has more than 400,000 servers available worldwide, low service costs and exclusive resources for each client.

mejores hosting ovhcloud

Advantages and disadvantages of the service offered by OVH Hosting


  • Versatility and speed.
  • Absolute control of resources.
  • Easy to use interface with cPanel access.
  • Pre-installed WordPress applications.
  • Free domain for one year.
  • Global provider.


  • Not recommended for novice users.
  • Questionable file manager.
  • You can only contract annual services.

OVH Offers and Plans





per month

✓ Disk 100GB SSD
✓ Shared Bandwidth
✓ 5 Websites

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per month

✓ 2 GB RAM
✓ 40 GB SSD NVME ✓

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per month


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Reasons to Choose OVH in 2024

OVH boasts low prices and high resources, just by purchasing the basic plan of $1.99 per month you get 250GB of storage, HDD disk, free domain for 1 year. In addition, 5 email accounts with 100GB of storage with easy access to cPanel.

One of the reasons to choose OVH is the benefits and quality of the cloud infrastructure with dedicated servers. You can get your digital project up and running in minutes with storage solutions, WordPress, managed Kubernetes.

ovh cloud server

As for pricing, OVH has pay-as-you-go options. Other reasons to choose this hosting provider are the enterprise solutions. This hosting allows for private cloud and managed virtualization functions, as well as managing your brand’s online presence with professional alternatives.

A final reason is the location of its servers worldwide with 400,000 data centers in different continents, highlighting the Asian and American continent.

OVH Hosting Services in 2024

  • Bare Metal Cloud

Highly resilient infrastructure or customization of your machine to adapt it to the needs of your project. Allows unlimited traffic with dedicated servers offering a range of competent products.

  • Hosted Private Cloud

Accelerate digital transformation with hosted private cloud scalable solutions with agility to protect website data.

  • Public Cloud

The OVH public cloud is equipped with a large number of solutions to automate the technological infrastructure in the cloud and accelerate the activity.

  • Web Cloud

Solutions that you can bring to hand with just one click through cPanel, with web hosting services and domains for everyone. You can develop your own configurations for greater server control.

OVH Analysis and Features

1. Quality of Support

OVH has taken care to add multiple channels for direct communication with users, between its customer service and technical windows. Among the usual modalities: online chat, phone call and email.

You can also count on forms, tickets and even fax, all with a fairly acceptable response time and availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time of the year.

OVH also provides specialized technicians and engineers focused on every aspect of its services and resources. Thus providing its customers with a quality service wherever you are.

ovh cloud servers

2. Ease of Use

OVH leaves the mobility within its interface and website to the customer’s discretion, and its platforms through the OVH control panel. You can download cPanel an indispensable tool for managing your website, for this you must hire a VPS with cPanel distribution.

Thanks to the optimized control panel download, the user has the freedom to manage and install the resources required by the website. Allowing scalable growth in your digital projects, total control of the activity on your website, better speed, response time, activity of 99.9% and pre-installations of WordPress.

Managed options can be simple for a webmaster, however, they can be complicated for an inexperienced developer.

3. Storage

OVH offers great storage from the most basic to the most advanced plans ranging from 250GB of storage to unlimited options. The storage system provided by OVH is an HHD disk, a standard form of computer component that safeguards information.

Likewise, dedicated servers are equipped with an NVMe SSD, SATA HDD or SATA SSD, OVH’s offerings that capture attention for their speed and cutting edge. Storage is an important feature, sometimes it can be unlimited, however each plan establishes parameters that are adjusted to the user.

4. Domain Names

OVH stores a profitable and ambitious extension as far as domains are concerned, having so many years in the market it enjoys local domains and the most used in the digital world. OVH has been in charge of betting and revolutionizing digital marketing and telecommunications in addition to offering hosting services in the cloud.

In all its services include a free domain for one year, if you have a business or Ecommerce project the following domains will give your business better visibility to potential customers:

  • .Net
  • .Barcelona
  • .Com
  • .It
  • .Org
  • .Ovh
  • .Cat
  • .Gal
  • .Pt
  • .Best

5. Databases

An essential item when deciding on a reliable and solid provider are the databases and the extent of them within the resources and plans they offer. With OVH the databases have manageable solutions with great offers to choose from.

With a single click from the OVH control panel or cPanel you can deploy the MySQL database engine. It is a 100% managed service that provides more time for your teams, cost control, retain control of data.

As for the technical utilities, it has 1 or 3 nodes according to the plan, a capacity between 160 GB and 2.56 Tb SSD. Performance graphs, backup retention period, private network connectivity, among other functions.

6. Transfer

Another service that OVH chooses to provide to its customers on an unlimited basis are the transfers and this is a significant and considerable improvement in the speed of your website. If you have a medium/high demand website, this is a resource that can be of great benefit to your project or web business. OVH allows up to 75 simultaneous users, ideal for small projects with basic plans.

OVH makes sure to guarantee performance above user expectations, quality speeds, outstanding page time, better site management and optimization.

7. Mail

OVH gives importance to mail which you can manage in WebMail; all basic plans include: 5 email accounts with 100MB of storage, synchronization with mobile devices and Google applications.

More advanced plans include 10 professional email accounts, with 100MB of storage. You can manage all aspects of the accounts from cPanel or linked devices, also includes anti-spam protection, backups and ad blocking.

Professional plans include 20 accounts, unlimited resources, content management system, WordPress applications for better performance, fluidity and simplification of tasks within the website.

8. Applications

Customization is part of OVH, you can have control and exclusive access to most of the resources and servers offered. Being a hosting specialized in cloud storage, it includes applications that will be useful throughout the construction and management of the project or business.

ovh cloud review

OVH provides CMS such as WordPress preinstalled, content management system, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal and all those you want to download to give the ideal tools to your project. It has total freedom of customization, control and exclusivity of all services inside and outside your website.

9. Multisites

Unlike other providers, multisite is quite permissive and is included in OVH’s basic plans. Other providers usually have this benefit in much more expensive plans and with certain restrictions.

On the other hand, this service skips the barriers by providing the creation of up to 10 websites; on the private servers you enjoy performance and flexibility. In this way, you can create a network of websites through WordPress multisite simplifying the way to configure, apply SEO tools and plugins.

So you can create several websites, blogs, stores, and manage them from WordPress multisite with a centralized interface.

10. SSL Certificate

Inspiring trust to visitors is crucial so an SSL certificate is provided by the hosting provider securing the website. Users’ confidential data will be encrypted under the LET ‘S ENCRYPT security protocol included in all plans.

In addition, there are other SSL certificate versions that provide greater protection, to access them it is necessary to pay an extra amount. The SECTIGO DV SSL Certificate is priced from $55.99 up to $112.99 per year.

OVH Pricing and Promotions

OVH offers substantial services at affordable prices for all types of customers and websites. It ranks among the top in terms of service, quality and price. In addition, OVH offers 10% discount and promotions when purchasing its services for a full year.

Service offer Price Savings
Personal Hosting 3.99 per month
Professional Hosting 6.99 per month
Performance Hosting 11.99 monthly

OVH Promotions

  • Free domain for one year, when contracting an annual service.
  • 10% discount on VPS, Shared, Dedicated hosting plans.

OVH Cloud Payment Methods

  • Bank card
  • PayPal
  • Money order
  • Transfer

Disadvantages of OVH Hosting

  • Some of the aspects of their services are of questionable quality, such as their complexity of use, which you should take into account when choosing OVH cloud as the host for your website or web business.
  • The advanced features make it difficult for novice developers to access and manage.

OVH Hosting Conclusion

In short, OVH is a complete and versatile hosting for all types of sites, providing its customers with exclusive and total control of all resources. The servers are available for the growing project, the experience within the market facilitates a managed service.

It is positioned among the most recommended and reliable web hosts in the digital market. Its global positioning provides greater speed, better page times, versatility, variety and top quality customer service.

ovh cloud hosting

It has servers with a minimum storage of 100 GB, a feature that you should definitely take into account if you want to boost your web business at an affordable price. Its prices are affordable and the pay-as-you-go policy facilitates customer management.

Alternatives to OVH Hosting

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OVHcloud datasheet and features

Features OVHcloud
Price from $3.99
View offer
Personal Hosting from $3.99
Dedicated hosting price $56.75
VPS Hosting from $5.52
Warranty 30 días
Server location France
Disco SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 500ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 100GB
RAM memory Shared
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Ovh Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Why Choose OVH?

OVH is a French company specialized in cloud hosting and telecommunications, with 400,000 servers, 30 data centers and global positioning. It is characterized by hosting more than 1.5 million users worldwide and has its own DWDM fiber optic technology, access to cPanel, pre-installed WordPress and content managers.

✌️ Why Choose OVH?

OVH has more than 400,000 servers worldwide, competitive prices in the digital market, specialized in cloud storage and a complete technical service in several languages. Access cPanel for better management and customization, WordPress applications, Joomla operating systems, Drupal and more.

✨ What are the benefits of OVH?

Among the benefits of OVH cloud that you can acquire are the specializations and resources for a technological infrastructure that takes your site to another level. The cloud hosting and the products it provides are manageable and easy solutions for an experienced customer,

In addition to access to cPanel full control of the server in OVH cloud Cloud plans, pre-installed WordPress applications, free domain for 1 year, professional email, WebMail, unlimited storage.

➡️ What is the price of OVH?
  • Shared Plan $1.99 per month
  • VPS Plan $5.52 per month
  • Cloud Web Plan 9.99 per month
  • Includes 10% discount on all plans and money back guarantee.
✅ How to install OVHcloud?

Entering the official OVH website and selecting the plans or services that go according to your digital business model or website. You can clarify any doubts in the articles published in their official blog or in their online chat where they will be happy to advise you.

This has been our summary about OVHcloud, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

OVH User Experience and Feedback

Have you used OVH before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using an OVH service in the comments below.

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