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HostGator: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

Do you want to hire the best hosting for your website? HostGator is a great candidate, positioned among the most notorious web hosting providers. HostGator was created in 2002 under the motto of helping experts and beginners by designing tools allowing to grow “together” a website.

HostGator has reached over 10 million domain names, integrating advanced configurations for WordPress, providing speed, stability and professional resources. HostGator offers a variety of hosting options, easy management and resource optimization through cPanel and WordPress, plus free domains for one year.

All plans promise a 99.99% uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, free website transfer and other features. Learn more about HostGator with us.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HostGator


  • Unmetered” bandwidth and disk space.
  • Free domains for one year.
  • Drag and drop website builder.
  • Best capacity and 99.99% availability.
  • Easy WordPress installation.
  • Free SSL certificates.


  • HostCloud does not have a variety of options for advanced solutions.
  • High prices for monthly plan renewals.

Hostgator Offers and Plans





per month

✓ BANDWIDTH "Without measure"
✓ Disc "Without measure"
✓ 1 Web Site.

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per month

✓ 2-core CPU
✓ 120GB SSD

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per month

✓ 4 CORE

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Reasons to Choose HostGator in 2024

Choosing a web host appropriate to the requirements of the web project is necessary to enjoy benefits and increased visits. HostGator provides the website with tools to increase speed, load and response time, availability, reliability and guarantees in case of problems.

Among the reasons to choose HostGator, is the guarantee to each of the users an effective uptime and in case of inconveniences they provide a month of free credit.

mejores hosting hostgator

In this way, HostGator has a solid reputation for reliable hosting. A second reason to choose HostGator is the free benefits provided by certain plans such as free migration.

Another reason to choose HostGator is the response times are between 0.58 and 1 second with an effective full load time between 1.00 second. With HostGator’s service you can access an easy to use and manage panel , especially with the integration of an optimized version of cPanel.

It also offers free emails with the ease of managing them in cPanel and Webmail. A final reason to choose HostGator is the performance enhancements by running the free Cloudflare CDN. This makes it possible to protect WordPress from cyber attacks.

HostGator is ideal for beginnerblogger or webmaster, it adapts to every need of the project, for a more particular view let’s see some features.

HostGator Services in 2024

HostGator alligator has scaled over the years developing professional services to more than 2 million users worldwide. Let’s get to know each of the services provided.

  • Shared Hosting

An easy to use web hosting service, with advantages that make it an attractive alternative. Among them: Free WordPress/cPanel website transfers, unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth.

  • Website builder

The website creation service, promises fast, express sites or express stores while guaranteeing incredible rankings. With an intuitive drag, drop and publish interface to create smart websites.

hostgator planes

  • Optimized Hosting for WordPress

The easiest way to work with WordPress is offered by HostGator with Hosting services achieving a fast, efficient and simple management. You can access benefits up to 500k monthly visits, backups up to 3GB and free domains.

  • VPS Hosting

With HostGator’ s hosting and VPS plans you get more control over your website thanks to the efficient private server resources with full access. It offers up to 8GB of RAM in its packages with CPU between 2 and 4 cores, unmetered width and even SSD of 120GB, 165GB, 240GB.

  • Dedicated Hosting

With HostGator’s dedicatedplans you will acquire ultimate power for your websites configured with vigorous hardware. In the different packages you will have an Intel Xeon-D CPU, from 4 to 8 cores, 2 TB hard disk or SSD up to 1 TB.

  • Cloud Hosting

HostGator offers the possibility to grow your website from the cloud, with greater speed, guaranteed security, intuitive design. You can opt for unlimited domains, memory up to 6 GB, free SSL certificates and upgrade at no additional cost.

HostGator Analysis and Features

1. Quality Support

HostGator offers a very respectable and efficient customer service, to be able to communicate in case of doubt or technical problem offers 3 modalities. The first one is the telephone support, you can communicate 24/7 through (866) 964-2867.

hostgator mejores hosting soporte

The second alternative is the live chat, with an almost immediate waiting time, HostGator ensures that an agent will answer your question in a few minutes. What is really valuable is the quality of the answers and the strategy for the resolution of certain technical problems.

The third is the communication through the social network Twitter, you just have to locate them with their user @HGSupport. However there are 2 HostGator strategies to solve problems, it is a comprehensive knowledge base and an answer panel.

2. Ease of Use

Creating, configuring, managing websites, blogs or online stores is a simple but powerful experience with HostGator. It has an intuitive interface with clear icons that clear the doubts at the time of configuration.

HostGator offers a functional service, with practical and easy design, it also integrates a customizable, efficient cPanel version, with administrator and file editor. The cPanel easily displays the usage data, without incurring in configurations.

HostGator’s website builder is one of the easiest on the market, with customizable templates for a unique design. You can also manage online stores through multifunctional inventory tools.

3. Storage

A fundamental requirement for choosing a hosting service is data storage, can you imagine your website collapsing for lack of space? Luckily HostGator offers plans with unlimited data storage.

In this way HostGator provides users with tools to create and manage their web project without space limits. Of course, there are always rules, the storage has some regulations according to the plan, so it is important to choose the appropriate package.

Also, HostGator allows you to buy additional hard drives for greater security to acquire them you just have to access the support. In dedicated, VPS or Cloud plans you must be careful in the choice of storage, but don’t worry, HostGator will specify each plan.

4. Domain Names

In hosting services there are important features, but we must highlight one of them is the domain name. HostGator allows you to choose a suitable domain name to collaborate in the recognition and positioning of your brand.

With any HostGator plan you will get a free domain name for 1 year, you can choose from a wide variety of options:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .site
  • .online
  • .tech
  • .website
  • .me
  • .info
  • .host
  • .us
  • .space
  • .co

In addition, you can transfer a domain, the HostGator team will take care of the transfer. Before transferring a domain it is recommended to obtain a transfer code, have a valid domain.

To proceed with the transfer, you must have spent more than 60 days with the domain active, and the domain must be unlocked and private.

hostgator servicios

5. Databases

HostGator allows you to manage large volumes of information by implementing state-of-the-art databases. Through cPanel or Plesk you can manage the databases that store information of the applications within the web or visitor data.

The MYSQL database type, which provides HostGator with advanced private information processing. All hosting plans include an unlimited database, except for the initial plan.

6. Data Transfer

The data transfer or bandwidth is the amount of information that HostGator allows to exchange on a monthly basis. The user has access through cPanel or control panel to review the limitations on data transfer.

Fortunately, HostGator has the advantage of having functions without limits on various resources, such as bandwidth. This eliminates slowdown percentages, in the shared, VPS, dedicated black, Diamond plans the data transfer is unlimited with or without cPanel.

Other HostGator services do have limitations; it is recommended to read the description of HostGator packages to avoid any inconveniences.

7. Mail

The professional emails that HostGator customizes for each domain are an advantage for communication, collaboration and cloud storage. With 30 GB of initial storage, which you can upgrade according to the needs of the digital project.

The mail that HostGator provides makes it easy to add or remove users, create groups with customized security options, in a quick and easy way. For each account there is an email policy.

Shared plans, 30 checks per hour per email account and 500 mailings per hour on each domain.

  • Dedicated plans, 500 deliveries per hour, per domain and to unique recipients.
  • VPS plans, 500 shipments per hour, per domain and for unique recipients.

Through cPanel and Webmail you can make backups for the different emails.

8. Applications

HostGator has a wide range of CMS applications that you can take advantage of to create an optimized website. Among the most popular are:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Moodle

Through cPanel you can download and install the applications, plus configurations and automatic updates to have adequate versions. The applications allow you to manage any type of file, check bandwidth and data usage, manage emails, among other fundamental features for the web.

Instalación de HostGator

9. Multisite

Shared hosting in the higher plans allows the creation of multiple websites, without limits. This way, you can manage different websites from a single HostGator account.

The technology developed by the web host helps users to manage different pages from cPanel. It is necessary to highlight WordPress multisite, due to the more complex features to manage large aspects of the web.

It provides the order and smooth functioning of different websites.

10. SSL Certificate

It is a scare to enter a web page and find warnings of “unsafe site” with HostGator you can prevent it by acquiring an SSL certificate. With the purchase of a hosting plan you can get a free SSL certificate for one year.

An SSL certificate guarantees a quiet, secure visitor traffic, guarantees a better SEO positioning, with probabilities for more visits. With HostGator you will be in compliance with privacy laws after purchasing an SSL certificate, this way PCI DDS and HIPPA are included, which are conducive to the handling of private data.

HostGator Pricing and Promotions

HostGator offers a range of plans to suit the essential requirements of each project or website.

Service offer Monthly Price Savings
Hatchling Plan $2.75 60% off
Baby Plan $3.50 65% discount
Business Plan $5.20 65% discount

HostGator Promotions

With HostGator you can save between 60 and 65% on the purchase of a shared plan; on dedicated plans you save between 56% to 60%. In addition, each hosting plan comes with a free domain name and SSL certificate for one year.

hostgator hosting wordpress

HostGator Payment Methods

Payment methods vary by region, the most common are:

  • Credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express.
  • Paypal, PayU, Oxxo, 7-eleven, Webpay, ServiPag.

HostGator Disadvantages

  1. High prices on monthly plan renewals.

After the initial plans expire,prices tend to vary and double over time.

  1. HostCloud does not have a variety of options for advanced solutions.

Unlike other providers, the HostCloud service is more like shared hosting than advanced solutions.

HostGator Web Hosting Conclusion

HostGator is a web hosting provider, with accolades and reviews from millions of users rating it as one of the top hosting. The servers are located in the United States, precisely in Provo and Houston.

With an infrastructure of more than 20,600 square meters, the data centers work 24/7 to provide an availability of 99.9%. Among HostGator’s most important services are shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated services with affordable prices and promotions.

HostGator features allow the user to have speed, unlimited services, security, privacy, applications to manage, free domains for a year among others. It is a provider suitable for expert developers and beginners, which optimizes the website with favorable results.

Alternatives to HostGator Hosting

Other options in hosting providers that provide valuable resources to manage a website, you can acquire them in the following table

Top 5 Hosting Services in 2023


Our Choice

75% off!


Per month



65% discount!


At month


Customer service

83% off!


Per month


Exceptional Quality

70% off!


Per month



63% discount!


Per month

HostGator Hosting Datasheet

Features HostGator Hosting
Price from $2.75
View offer
Shared hosting from $2.75
Dedicated hosting from $89.98
VPS Hosting from $23.95
Warranty 45 days
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU cores From 2
Charging time 673ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 100 GB
RAM memory From 4GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is HostGator?

HostGator is a web hosting provider created in 2002, based in the United States, whose services are based on the optimization of resources for websites, online stores or blogs.

🙌 Why Choose HostGator?

HostGator offers a wide variety of services such as easy and professional website builders, offers with high quality resources and great reputation, reliability.

✨ What are the benefits of HostGator?

You can get with any HostGator plan SSL certificates and domains free for one year, plus unlimited databases and bandwidth.

➡️ What is the HostGator Price?

HostGator’s shared service, in its “Hatchling” plan the price is $2.95; the “baby” plan the price $3.50; the business plan $5.25.

⚡ How do I install HostGator?

Basically, you have to buy the package and then follow the steps given by the system.

This has been our whole about HostGator, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to check out more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

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