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Private Server: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

A private server provides freedom, flexibility, security and exclusivity to your website. It is probably not the first choice of users for fear of high prices, but there are web hosting companies that offer attractive proposals to acquire a private server.

The digital market is growing exponentially and locating a solid website is an essential task for success. If you have gone through several hosting services and you still do not achieve your goals, maybe you should consider exclusive options.

A private server is an advantage to evolve and change the pace of your website, offering cutting-edge services ready to handle the high, medium or low demands of the project. But will it be the ideal one for your project? Discover all the benefits and features of a private server.

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Best Benefits of the Best Private Server

A private server brings with it a seal of exclusivity and management of all the resources for your website. In addition, it has a private internal storage and RAM for the website’s data and information.

The Private Server allows full control of website customization, with unrestricted storage and bandwidth. It has domains, WordPress optimized to achieve improvements in performance and speed, greater security. Integrates ease of management with cPanel, all with prices adjusted to your needs.

If you have a web business or website with high demands from your customers, high visitor traffic and a lot of activity, this is the most complete service to choose. A private server promises to deliver outstanding performance capable of handling as many customer demands as possible.

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What is a Private Server?

A private server is one that has the ability to change and modify according to the needs of a website. Its main function is to provide security to a website, allowing the user to generate accounts with passwords in order to deny third parties access to the server or website.

Another outstanding aspect of a Private Server is that you can access all of its features without the need to wait for a response from the core. A private server provides the user with a completely exclusive space, unlike shared servers that share the server’s memory in a fractional way.

A Private Server allows the creation of web sites and freedom to access or download the resources needed for it. In addition, it allows the operating system of your choice, access to cPanel, WordPress tools, domain, unlimitedbandwidth and data transfer.

Differences between Private Hosting and Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a server virtually divided into several parts, which are then rented to users to host their website. In this type of servers, resources and storage are shared with other website accounts.

Unlike a Private Server, this one has storage and RAM only and exclusively for one website, which means that all the resources, features and benefits belong to one person or website.

A Private Server allows easy management from cPanel and WordPress applications, in addition to granting complete freedom and use of the server, without harming any other website, since you are the sole owner of that server and all its resources.

Shared servers have limitations in some aspects although its performance is quite good, but you can not make any modification or customization since other user accounts are also part and make use of the same server. Unlike a private server that has unlimited storage, data transfer, databases, website, domain, email accounts and WebMail.

Reasons to Choose a Good Private Server

  • The Most Attractive in the Digital Market

A private server is one of the services that stands out for its high level of exclusivity for a web site. It has resources without barriers or restrictions and customization options. It has attractive benefits such as pre-installed and optimized WordPress, free domain, unlimited website, WebMail, cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, 100GB of storage, free SSL, security, scalability, unbeatable prices.

  • Exclusive Storage and RAM

Most web hosts tend to share the same server with multiple websites and this can limit the resources or tools for your website. Private Servers offer extensive and generous management services dedicated solely to a single website. RAM is for one website only, plus large storage for more freedom to work with.

almacenamiento de servidor privado

  • Personalized and Assisted Security

No modifications or downloads made to your website will affect other user accounts within the service, as the server is for one website only.

A private server has privacy features that you can manage if you are an expert or you can request the support of your selected company, to create accounts and passwords that allow you to create a safe space within the digital market and protect the data and relevant information.

Analysis and Characteristics of a Private Server

1. Quality of Support

Many hosting companies in the market have positioned themselves in the first places, precisely because they offer a complete and outstanding technical service in their Private Server services. Not only to solve and attend doubts, but also for their commitment and vocation to their users, which helps them to constantly improve the service.

Once you have acquired the services of a Private Server with the company of your choice, you will be able to manage from cPanel all the tools for your website. In addition to having access to multiple channels of communication and customer service 24/7 365 days a year.

From forms to request new packages or solve doubts, to online chat to accompany and guide you in the construction of your website or in the most optimal management of it. They also have phone call channels and in less urgent cases you can send an email, which will be answered in less than 2 minutes.

2. Ease of Use

Thanks to cPanel and WordPress applications, it is much easier to manage a website. Even if you are a beginner, cPanel offers several tools that allow you to interact with much more comfort.

cPanel is also characterized by being intuitive and versatile, thanks to optimizations for WordPress the operation of a website does not require more attention, providing the freedom to focus on other areas of the website. Even hosting providers include a WordPress virtual assistant, which you can select from cPanel and will provide you with all the updates and applications you require.

servidor privado para wordpress

A Private Server is a guarantee of being able to choose freely all the technological resources to be able to perform better within your website. It has a variety of unlimited resources, the option to use the server according to your requirements and download an operating system according to the needs of the project.

3. Technological Requirements

As detailed above, the benefits of a Private Server allow for unrestricted storage and RAM memory with great amplitude. A Private Server allows the safeguarding of your website information, databases, programs, downloaded operating systems, WordPress, cPanel and any resource that the user requires.

Among the technological requirements that the Private server guarantees are, full Root or superuser access, SSD or HDD disk, plans from 2 to 8 GB of RAM and 100GB of storage. Freedom of choice of operating systems such as Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Fedora, professional email, free domains, free SSL, cPanel for better control Google tools, SEO, WordPress preinstalled.

4. Private Server Location and Availability

If you are planning to purchase hosting services from a Private Server, we suggest you to visualize all the information about the company’s reach and availability. global hosting companies offer better services in terms of a Private Server, guaranteeing a better uptime of the page, better loading times, better performance and availability.

If you are still wary of servers outside your location, you can gladly access the official sites of the trusted provider and request all the information related to allowed contents, storage, bandwidth, professional email accounts, type of technology used in the servers and more.

Remember that a Private Server plan includes a free domain in its basic packages, from 2 to 8 GB of RAM, plus 8 cores, full access to the server root, freedom to customize the website, cPanel, updated WordPress tools and applications, unlimited database and for a very affordable price.

It allows the integration of up to 6 cores, with layers of optimizers for applications such as: Varnish, APC, OPcaché. Also, in technological aspects in security it offers network firewall, Hotlink and account isolation.

Prices and Promotions of a Private Server

The plans to acquire a private server are affordable according to the opinions of the users, providing great resources at good prices.

Service Offering Pricing Savings
Hostinger 1.99$ monthly 85% off
InterServer 2.50 $ monthly 65% discount
SiteGround 3.99 $ monthly 73% discount

Private Server Promotions

  • Hostinger on basic private server plans, priced at $1.99 per month and for annual purchase you get 85% discount on all hosting plans.
  • InterServer is priced at $2.99 per month and 65% off hosting plans.
  • SiteGround gives 73% discount on all hosting plans and includes a free domain for one year.

Private Server Payment Methods

Payment methods vary according to country and hosting provider. Among the most common are:

  • PayPal
  • Visa- MasterCard
  • Bitcoin

Conclusion on Private Servers

A private server offers exclusivity, privacy, security, website performance improvements, powerful resources and tools such as cPanel, WordPress and automated updates. They possess freedom of storage and total customization throughout the website, user-friendly interface, operating systems, applications and more.

A Private Server is vital for the growth and positioning of large projects and businesses in the digital market, in addition, they offer unlimited and constant website traffic, unlimited database, unlimited geographicresources.

mejores servidores privados

In the section of prices and costs are quite accessible and user reviews praise the generous resources for affordable prices. Hosting providers have discounts, coupons and promotions so that you can take full advantage of all the benefits of a private server.

In general, it is a good service that allocates exclusive resources to a website. We hope you can choose the best provider to host your digital project.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What type of private server do I need?

To answer this question, you need to know the type of project you are developing. Once you know the project and its elements, you will be able to find a private server that fits your needs. your needs.

With this, it will also provide you with the sophisticated features for your web project for better performance. better performance.

💰 How much can a private server cost me?

If you consider the money factor, you will find several links to visit the websites. There you will find the prices of each private server, which range from from 1 Euro to 100 Euro.

Also, keep in mind that the cost may vary depending on the needs of the project.

✌️ Is there a free private server?

Sure you can find a free private server, but don’t be so quick to rejoice. These servers may contain viruses or simply have various limitations for your limitations for your projects.

Therefore, we do not recommend using a free private hosting server for your website if you want to keep it safe.

❤️ What are the advantages of private server hosting?

You can have the exclusivity and the great security that your website is protected on a private server. This is favored by good accessibility and ease of use, where you will not have as many problems as you think.

And not only that, they also allow you to use dedicated IPs that create total independence when surfing the Internet. You can also use different hardware resources that offer advantages for any project.

🚀 How do I install a private server?

The way to install a private server may be confusing for some users, but you will see that this is not the case. In general, the methods to install them are very simple. Therefore, pay attention to the following instructions:

  • You must obtain the services of a domain.
  • Know the requirements of the project.
  • You have to purchase the necessary plan that fits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain on the private server.

This was our whole analysis of hosting for a private server. We hope it will help you a lot and you will find the perfect provider for you.

If you are not satisfied with any hosting service. You can find out the best hosting and hire a local provider.

You can also look at various hosting comparisons. To get a better idea of the differences between the two.

We have reached the end of our analysis of Private Servers, we hope that the information we have provided will be useful when selecting the ideal provider for your project.

If you want to learn more about the best web hosting we invite you to browse our website where you will find a lot of interesting content.

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