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Shockbyte: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

A better experience when playing Minecraft? Shockbyte allows you to raise the level, quality and speed in Minecraft. Game server provider Shockbyte provides excellent service in high quality hosting with affordable prices.

Its goal is to provide security, technological support and ease of use on the Minecraft server. Shockbyte since 2013 has promised a better game hosting experience, with customized aspects thanks to the incorporation of multicraft.

Shockbyte presents remarkable video game hosting services that contemplate a dedicated IP address as well as free subdomains in all its plans. Will Shockbyte be the best ideal hosting for you? Discover its features in the following sections.

Pros and Cons of Shockbyte


  • 100% uptime
  • Creation of customized plans with unlimited resources
  • Free subdomains
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Scalable speed
  • Low prices with over 12 plans to choose from


  • Additional hosting costs in Asia
  • Inconveniences with the support service
  • Does not offer dedicated servers

Shockbyte plans and offers



per month

✓ 8+ slots

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per month

✓ 40+ slots

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per month

✓ 90+ slots

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Reasons to Choose Shockbyte in 2024

If you are in search of a server with fast SSD storage, DDOS protection and solid performance, Shockbyte is the ideal choice for you. Among the reasons to choose the hosting provider for Minecraft are the instant setup on the service for Java and Bedrock.

Low latency and 100% uptime raise Shockbyte’s esteem, among its benefits it allows FTP access or file transfer protocol. In addition to providing reliability in the game server reforming the experience for the player.

Minecraft hosting supports a large number of server versions such as CraftBukkit, Forge, Sponge, BungeeCord, Spigot. It hosts on the server “MCPE” Minecraft Bedrock editions such as NikkitX, PocketMine and others.

Shockbyte allows to install custom Minecraft servers and modpacks, thanks to the multicraft access to the server files.

Shockbyte Hosting para Minecraft

Shockbyte services in 2024

The services offered by Shockbyte are aimed at satisfying the gamer’s needs with quality resources. Some popular services of the provider:

  • Minecraft Java Server

It employs the most powerful hardware to host the Minecraft server in its PC version. Shockbyte offers plans between 2 GB and 12 GB of RAM, free subdomains and limited space for the player.

  • Bedrock Edition Server

Shockbyte offers a hosting service for mobile versions of Minecraft, providing the player with speed, security and customization. Unlimited SSD storage, low latency and automatic backup are some advantages.

  • Game Servers

Shockbyte allows the hosting of a wide variety of games, among the most prominent are: ark survival evolved, Rust, Satisfactory, 7 days to die. It offers optimized player spaces with unlimited or metered features according to the plan, large storage capacity and automatic server installations.

Shockbyte Analysis and Features

1. Usage for Minecraft

Shockbyte is a comprehensive solution for hosting a Minecraft server, by means of a “Multicraft” control panel to manage the most important settings in the popular video game. Some of them are: the number of players, the game mode (creative or survival), choosing the server edition and the location where it will be hosted.

Shockbyte Server para Minecraft

The player will have at his disposal a package with more than 40 mods to install and customize Minecraft. These are classified in 6 categories: Forge; Feed the Beast; technic modpacks; ATlauncher modpacks; Twitch/curseforge; Vanilla, spigot, MCPE and more.

By playing on Shockbyte’ s platform you can be sure of 100% uptime and compensation in case of adverse situations or inactivity. The configurations as well as the updates of the Minecraft server will guarantee you an action experience with technological skills.

2. Quality Support

From live chat to YouTube tutorials, Shockbyte’s technical support fulfills the mission to support you in all aspects. In case of inconveniences and doubts an agent from the hosting provider will contact the player either by email or live chat.

User reviews are not entirely gratifying regarding the response time of Shockbyte’s agents. One can consider the response time as a negative point of Minecraft hosting, however, they make up for it with an extensive knowledge base and tutorials on their YouTube channel, for generalized doubts and first setups.

3. Ease of Use

Shockbyte stands out for having a simple interface, a tidy control panel with icons and detailed processes that guide the player towards better management. The menu bar is well designed to navigate between the important options offered by the Minecraft hosting service.

To set up a new Shockbyte account you just need to go to the “services” tab, where you will find the tools to launch your first Minecraft server. It has an instant activation and agent-driven administration plug-in to execute specific configurations.

Análisis de los mejores servidores para Minecraft

4. Storage

Playing with Shockbyte is synonymous with worry-free enjoyment; storage is always a source of stress. In all Minecraft hosting plans you will have unlimited space on the server, of course, with measures and fair use policies.

That is, you can use the space you need according to the contracted service, you can not store movies, music, elements outside of what is contemplated in the service. As for RAM memory the player can choose between 2 GB to 32 GB, this point is important because as Minecraft is updated the RAM requirements increase.

Shockbyte provides novel storage, it incorporates SSD NVMe fast non-volatile memory, a transport protocol for solid state drives. It features fast, due to state-of-the-art technology.

5. Domain Names

In all areas the identification of the hosting is necessary. Therefore, Shockbyte Minecraft servers have a free subdomain, which can be customized according to the player’s needs.

But what is the function of the subdomain? A subdomain facilitates the connection to the games, in this case Minecraft. You can replace the port number with this free resource offered by the server.

6. Databases

Shockbyte offers free MySQL databases, integrated in every Minecraft service. Obtaining one is a simple procedure, you just have to enter the control panel, go to the “Advanced” tab and then the “MySQL database” option.

In Shockbyte’s informative channels there are numerous tutorials on how to get a database.

Mejores Hosting para minecraft

7. Transfer

Unlimited bandwidth makes it possible to host different players in a game, transferring and sharing data. But will it be possible to transfer data from the server? Indeed, FileZilla is an FTP software that facilitates immediate access and management of files.

Shockbyte’s agents recommend the use of FTP when downloading or uploading files, especially if they are heavy or worldly. How does this software work? In the first instance you need to download and install FileZilla, in the Multicraft you can go to “FTP file access”.

Finally, run fast connection to download, upload or transfer files.

8. Applications

Shockbyte offers plugins and mods for the player to modify the functions of Minecraft. A plugin is easy to install and attempts to change the default features of the game, on the other hand, a mod is a modification that edits the content of the game.

The hosting offers different categories of modpacks divided according to their functions, to help the player better manage them they provide a one-click installer. In the “multicraft” control panel, under the “Files” and “Modpack installer” option in that section you can choose from a drop-down menu to apply mods on the Minecraft server.

9. Multisite

Shockbyte allows with the “Multiverse-Core” add-on the creation and management of worlds for Minecraft. It runs multiple active worlds, controls access, facilitates the import of existing and custom worlds.

You can access worlds generated with default values from the Shockbyte platform, you can download the plugin directly from their website and add it to the server. There is also a module within the add-on called Multiverse Portals, it generates custom portals, configuring their destination.

Shockbyte Hosting para juegos

10. SSL Certificate

At Shockbyte security is important, keeping Minecraft operational is the main mission of the Hosting. Therefore, SSL security is not the right service for this purpose, instead, the protection “Denial of Service Attack” known as DDoS is the security protocol of Shockbyte.

It mitigates server attacks in less than 5 minutes, providing guaranteed protection.

Shockbyte Prices and Promotions

Shockbyte has a wide variety of plans, a total of 12 packages for Minecraft, their prices vary according to their properties. Check out the price and promotions of the most popular plans offered by the Minecraft hosting provider.

Service Offer Price Savings
DIRT 2.50 per month 25% discount
SAND 5.00 monthly 25% discount
COBBLESTONE 7.50 monthly 25% discount
IRON 10.00 monthly 25% discount
GOLD $12.50 monthly 25% discount
REDSTONE $15.00 monthly 25% discount
DIAMOND 17.50 monthly 25% discount
EMERALD 20.00 monthly 25% discount
OBSIDIAN 22.50 monthly 25% discount

Shockbyte Promotions

During the first month of service you can get a 25% discount on the plans; in addition, it inserts among its promotions codes for generous discounts. Free, unlimited and boosted resources are part of the promotions.

Shockbyte Payment Methods

Payment methods may vary according to the region where the user is located. Among the most common are:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • PayPal and virtual wallets.

Minecraft Hosting: How to Install Shockbyte

Shockbyte’s knowledge base is amazing, it guides the user to execute the first steps in hosting. Although the installation requires a detailed procedure, we will try to outline the steps for installation, ideally communicating with support agents.

  1. Log in to Multicraft, select the server you want to download from
  2. Stop the server, to avoid creating new files or modifying stored files.
  3. Create a folder on your computer to store the information
  4. Login to FileZilla and enter the directory, download the folders to your computer.
  5. Once you have downloaded the server, you can start your services again.

Of course, for more information we invite you to follow the knowledge bases, Shockbyte tutorials, for further understanding.

Disadvantages of Shockbyte Hosting

  • Additional Costs for Hosting in Asia

If you choose a hosting provider located in Asia you will have to pay an additional fee for geographic availability.

  • Inconveniences with Support Service

According to user reviews the technical support has a slow time compared to the competition, making it overwhelming.

Shockbyte Web Hosting Conclusion

All in all, Shockbyte is a Minecraft server hosting provider with options that favor the gaming experience. It was created in 2013 in Australia, since then it has spread its data centers to several continents: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific.

YouTube video

In terms of benefits, it guarantees 100% availability, DDoS security against attacks, free subdomains, customizations and mods and plugin installers. There are certain factors such as technical support, additional purchases or lack of dedicated services.

However, it makes up for it with speed, reliability and technological resources of great support for the player. Enjoy a great experience with Shockbyte.

Alternatives to Shockbyte Hosting

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Shockbyte technical specifications and features

Features Shockbyte
Price from $2.50
View offer
Plan Dirt desde $2.50
Plan Sand desde $5.00
Cobblestone Plan from $7.50
Warranty 24 hours
Server location Canada
Disk SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 500ms
Control panel Shockbyte Control Panel
Disk space Unlimited
RAM memory From 1GB to 9GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Shockbyte Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What Is Shockbyte?

It is a hosting provider for video games, including Minecraft, created in 2013 since then has raised the level and speed of video game servers. Based in different countries, it has become an ideal choice for Minecraft.

👌 Why Choose Shockbyte?

Among the reasons for choosing this hosting is the technological support, the resources it provides, the large number of tools that are easy and quick to manage. The availability and reliability.

⭐ What are the benefits of Shockbyte?

It provides the player with speed, server customization, different editions and mods, as well as state-of-the-art technological infrastructures.

🔥 What is the price of Shockbyte?

Shockbyte’s plans for Minecraft can vary by provider and server location, which ranges from $2.50 to $32.00 on its premium plans.

This has been our summary about Shockbyte Hosting, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

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Shockbyte User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Shockbyte before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Shockbyte Hosting service in the comments.

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