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DigitalOcean: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

Getting a web project off the ground is the desire of a developer, to achieve this goal it is essential to have a suitable provider. DigitalOcean is a web hosting proposal, ideal for expert developers who want a cloud infrastructure.

It offers a network of cloud or virtual machines that power a website, its services are oriented in three main areas: managing servers, launching applications and providing functionality. It was founded in 2011 and has grown exponentially, hosting more than one million developers.

DigitalOcean has advantages and disadvantages for beginner developers, if you want to opt for their services we invite you to learn about their features.

DigitalOcean Pros and Cons


  • 99.99% average uptime
  • Ultra-fast load time
  • Powered servers for developers
  • Ultra-fast technology tools
  • Scalable platforms
  • Choice of customized resources


  • Poor quality of technical support
  • Lack of basic tools
  • Suitable for expert developers

DigitalOcean Offers and Plans

Basic Plan from


per month

✓ 1 CPU
✓ 25 GB

View plan

All-purpose plan from


per month

✓ 2 CPU
✓ 25 GB

View plan

Optimized Memory Plan from


per month

✓ 2 CPU
✓ 50 GB

View plan

Reasons to Choose DigitalOcean in 2024

DigitalOcean is based on Cloud servers providing the choice of the resources you need for your project. In other words, you only select and pay for the resources required. The integrated control panel or cPanel offers visual tools for server management and SSH access.

DigitalOcean’s servers are fast, you can monitor the performance using tools to measure the speed. Among the main reasons to choose the web hosting provider, the reliable solutions and plans it provides for website, game server, live stream or application builder stand out.

Other reasons for choosing DigitalOcean include big data computing, i.e. the components for the transmission of big data files, SaaS development exactly as you want it. The creation and management of online stores, managed block storage, optimized databases.DigitalOcean Hosting Review

DigitalOcean Services in 2024

Some of the services and solutions offered by DigitalOcean for developers enable stability, speed, website growth.

  • Website Hosting

A cloud hosting solution, easy to use for developers and companies that require greater operability, speed and reliability.

  • Video Streaming Hosting

A fast, reliable and low-priced video streaming host; you can set up your video streaming service in just a few clicks. DigitalOcean allows you to scale the service as you grow.

  • Cloud VPN

Run a VPN server, gaining control of privacy with DigitalOcean, you can have expert access.

  • Web and Mobile Applications

DigitalOcean offers a flexible option to create tools and applications reliably at low prices. With the backend of web and mobile applications you have fast production on the cloud server.

DigitalOcean Hosting Opiniones

  • Game Development

A reliable and cost-effective game host provides tools for game servers, with scalable and expandable options.

DigitalOcean Analysis and Features

a. Quality of Support

A 24-hour personalized attention is one of the most relevant features in a hosting. Unfortunately DigitalOcean does not meet that requirement, user reviews rate the technical support as a major disadvantage.

Sometimes the website stops working, hindering communication with the hosting agents. The support works with ticket generation through forms, the response time can vary, disappointing those who require a prompt response.

DigitalOcean’s technical support score is low, rated as “non-existent”. Submitting a support ticket is a stumbling block, the page is often buggy. Overall, it is not one of their strengths, but they strive to maintain and improve their services.

b. Ease of Use

DigitalOcean is intended for an audience of expert developers, the beginner needs to handle a programming language to get a pleasant accessibility. To get started with the service you must set up the Droplet or DigitalOcean servers of your choice.

The control panel or cPanel has complications for first time users, the guide to install cPanel involves adding and executing commands. Therefore, you must know programming to register the account and install files relevant to the execution.

Análisis de los Mejores Hosting

To use cPanel you must acquire a third party right, through additional purchases. DigitalOcean focuses on a trained audience to manage a website. For developers the cPanel and add-on elements are respectively intuitive.

Still, it presents advanced functions with certain user-friendly guides such as: creating an account, connecting domains, installing WordPress. Choosing resources, complying with documentation, among others.

c. Storage

DigitalOcean has innovative storage options, it supports a security system that stores and delivers data to applications. It provides the storage with reliability through an API user interface.

In other words, optimized storage thanks to Droplets or servers that are composed of a quantity of space and SSD NVMe memory. A dedicated vCPU is added to this optimized service; among the memory options it offers between 4 GB and 8 GB on the vCPU.

DigitalOcean storage allows hosting data and backup files, databases, cPanel, WordPress installations. It is one of the advantages to achieve a scalable website.

d. Domain Names

DigitalOcean does not have free domain functions, since it focuses on working with developers. Therefore, you must purchase a domain name from another provider and connect it to the server.

Setting up a domain or installing it from cPanel is one of the most complicated tasks for new users. Executing commands, installing DNS plugins requires a minimum of knowledge in the field.

Although it has an extensive knowledge base detailing the ways to connect a domain from different operating systems. They explain configuration strategies, to customize the name and identify the web address.

e. Databases

DigitalOcean has a hosting service for databases with the premise “powerful and scalable”. With this system you can set up the database to benefit from reliable and fast information processing.

It allows database cluster management, i.e., a data switching grouping to synchronize databases on different nodes. The data processing systems used by the hosting are: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis™*.

Opiniones de los Mejores Hosting

With this service you leave the administration of the databases at the server’s disposal, taking care of configurations, backups and periodic updates.

f. Transfer

File transfer at DigitalOcean is one of the advantages of hosting, within its objectives is framed this task. Among its functions is the optimization of servers with SSD solid-state drives to create a platform that guarantees the smooth transfer of data and files to and from the cloud.

This task guarantees the user incredible benefits in terms of productivity, speed and efficiency. In addition, DigitalOcean plans have a generous bandwidth in their different plans, despite not being unlimited, the capacity is amazing and suitable for a website.

In the standard plans the bandwidth is between 1TB and 10TB, of course, as the capacity increases the price increases. In advanced plans you can choose between 4 TB and 6 TB with higher numbers of cores and technological resources.

g. Mail

Mail has become a necessity in recent years, just this hosting provider has packages and open source software to manage emails. The simplest one you can get and manage through cPanel, it is Webmail, an email client to create and manage emails on the web.

Also, Mail-in-a-Box is an open source software package offered by DigitalOcean for Ubuntu servers. It is a multi-domain email solution, to add it to the Droplet or server you need to go to settings or follow the tutorials.

Finally, Roundcube is a customizable IMAP email client, it has great features for emails, support for organizing, sending and composing. With synchronization of contacts, calendars, so you can interact and send mails.

h. Applications

DigitalOcean has a platform for applications, which promises to create and manage applications on the server with a few clicks. The advantages are scalability, administration, zero infrastructure management.

It supports Django, Go, PHP, React, Ruby, Gatsby and others. It offers a simple vision to create and scale applications with provisioning and infrastructure managed by DigitalOcean.

Servidores de DigitalOcean Hosting

On another note, cPanel allows you to install applications to power a site including WordPress. Specifically the WordPress 1-click application which is ideal for publishing and managing web content.

In addition to WordPress there are a wide variety of applications that you can install from the Marketplace section in DigitalOcean.

i. Multisite

DigitalOcean plans allow you to create and host multiple websites for free, sometimes the number of sites is limited. So make sure you choose a suitable plan.

For the management of websites, a feature is usually integrated into the popular WordPress, this is a version that supports multisite configuration and management. WordPress Multisite or MU this service allows a single installation of WordPress to configure from the dashboard several websites.

j. SSL Certificate

Similar to the domain, DigitalOcean lacks the basic features that other hosting services provide, such as the SSL certificate. You can purchase it from other providers once you have finished registering with DigitalOcean.

You can renew, install and manage an SSL certificate by following the steps set out in the web host’s tutorials. Adding protection to your WordPress project or managing from cPanel.

DigitalOcean Pricing and Promotions

DigitalOcean’s prices are competitive, and you can select plans with the necessary resources to save and boost your project.

Service Offering Pricing Promotions
Basic Droplet From $6.00 to $96.00 per month No discount offered
General Purpose From $60 to $1200 monthly No discount offered
CPU-Optimized From $40 to $720 monthly No discount offered
App platform From $0.5 to $12 monthly No discount offered
Managed Databases From $15 to $2880 No discount offered

Precios y promociones de DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean Promotions

DigitalOcean has discount coupons to purchase a hosting plan, in addition, it allows you to pay with monthly limits. Prices remain fixed for each service, domain migrations are done at no additional cost.

DigitalOcean Payment Methods

DigitalOcean may vary payment methods according to the region where the user is located. Among the most common:

  • Visa, Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover and PayPal
  • Bank Transfers

Disadvantages of Hosting DigitalOcean

  • Complex Accessibility

DigitalOcean is a hosting provider ideal for experts, the use of cPanel is complex to execute functions you must handle commands and have knowledge in programming.

Análisis y opiniones de DigitalOcean

  • Lack of Basic Tools

The plans do not include free domains and SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth and transfers. In addition, the price increases progressively after the starter plan, resulting in expensive rates.

  • Poor Technical Support

The users’ opinion of the support is discouraging, for some it is “non-existent” and they did not receive any answers.

DigitalOcean Web Hosting Conclusion

DigitalOcean is a specialized hosting provider with cloud hosting features, it is ideal for experienced web developers. Founded in 2011 on the premise of helping you create and launch applications easily and quickly.

The U.S. company has grown exponentially, expanding data centers located in Germany, UK, Singapore, Canada, USA and the Netherlands. DigitalOcean’s resources provide a technology infrastructure that drives a web project to increase productivity and effectiveness.

DigitalOcean is not a suitable option for beginners, prior knowledge of computer science and programming is required. To run cPanel, download WordPress or configure aspects, commands are executed.

YouTube video

The opinions about DigitalOcean converge between good service solutions with state-of-the-art resources, but bad technical support. Lack of basic tools such as domains, SSL certificates and complex platforms.

DigitalOcean promises reliability, a scalable platform and powerful tools, which it delivers well.

Alternatives to DigitalOcean Hosting

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DigitalOcean data sheet and features

Features DigitalOcean Hosting
Price from $5
View offer
Shared hosting from $5
Dedicated hosting from $974
VPS Hosting from $240
Warranty -
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 260ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 25GB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is DigitalOcean?

It is a hosting providerand in the same way with a private cloud hosting. In it, you can store your website database anywhere in the world.

✌️ What are the advantages of DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean hosting offers you some advantages that are obvious when you use the service. The most important ones are:

  • Cloud hosting.
  • VPS service.
  • Solutions for WordPress and other CMS (through cPanel).
  • Register web domains.
  • Payment based on usage.
  • Reliability of website information.
  • One-click droplets.
  • A very complete cPanel.
  • Droplets with a single click.
  • Very complete cPanel.
✨ Why choose DigitalOcean?

When you create a website, a game or an application, it is either complex or simple. It is very important that you know how to choose the perfect hosting service for your project. perfect for your projectand DigitalOcean meets your expectations.

If you want to have a good project and you need to install WordPress, DigitalOcean’s cPanel will be very useful.

👌 Does DigitalOcean work with WordPress?

The popular content manager is fully compatible with all DigitalOcean plans. It also offers all-inclusive plans. It is also possible to install WordPress via cPanel on any contracted plan.

🚀 Does DigitalOcean have cPanel?

Yes, DigitalOcean has cPanelbut it is a bit more complicated than the conventional one. It has a very different interface and jargon that many will have to get used to. Still, it helps you install applications like WordPress.

❤️️ What are DigitalOcean's payment methods?

DigitalOcean’s payment methods are credit card or Paypal. Although they are the most typical, not everyone uses them, which can be a disadvantage.

DigitalOcean is one of the most feature rich services and competition for other providers.

This was the full DigitalOcean review. We hope you find it helpful and are able to sign up for a plan for your service. If you are not convinced, we can help you choose the best web hosting plans on the market here at Dolphin Hosting.

If you are sure you want international hosting, but DigitalOcean doesn’t convince you, there are many others. Have you decided on one?

So much for our analysis of the DigitalOcean provider, we hope that the information shared here will be useful when selecting the ideal option for your project. If you are not convinced, we invite you to browse our website where you will find numerous reviews about the best web hosting, thanks for reading!

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Opinions and experiences of Digitalocean users

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