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Best Cloud Hosting: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

Looking for the best Cloud Hosting provider? The search for this service can be overwhelming. If you do not rely on physical resources, maintenance issues and price there is an option that will undoubtedly innovate your website.

A Cloud service or storage in the “Cloud” refers to non-physical servers, but with technology based on Cloud Computing. These are virtual servers, that is to say, they do not depend on a computer to function, but are located in the network called “nodes”.

With this type of hosting you only have to pay for the resources used, thus considerably reducing the price. This is because the Cloud service does not depend on physical servers or hardware expenses.

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Best Benefits of the Best Cloud Hosting

The Cloud service has a higher availability, allowing quick and efficient access to the number of servers you need. It has the ability to expand its internal storage automatically and this does not involve a modification of the service or help in technical support.

Cloud hosting has a very easy to use control panel, with this you can easily manage backups, apply necessary maintenance to the page, choose the resources at the click of a button and customize any aspect of your page from cPanel.

The scalability opportunities that a Cloud service allows you to achieve are beneficial and fundamental for a solid and stable website. By having the freedom to choose and use the resources you want, you can reduce the price of unnecessary tools and increase your website’s revenue.

The applications and tools that accompany a Cloud service is an essential part for a better performance and stability of your website. It also integrates free domains, cPanel optimization, WebMail, automated updates applications for WordPress, and professional email.

Cloud hosting offers freedom, flexibility, customization and ample storage for a website.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

It is a virtual server hosted on a network called “nodes”, with access and availability to direct internet tools. A Cloud hosting offers stability to the workloads of the website, through virtual servers.

One of the points that differentiates a shared resource and VPS from Cloud hosting is that it does not depend on physical servers or machines to function. Due to this particularity, it allows to use the resources required or chosen by the user at his convenience and needs.

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The advantage of a Cloud service is that it guarantees that there will be no server failures, due to the lack of a physical server. Another benefit is that you can hire a Cloud server on demand, that is to say that you can adjust the tools according to the needs of the website.

Differences between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting

Identifying the benefits of each type of hosting is essential when choosing a service, so we will explain some differences between Cloud hosting and shared hosting, for a better understanding.

A shared hosting service is related to physical servers, which can suffer failures and stop working. On the other hand, a Cloud service offers a virtual workspace hosted in the cloud, which does not suffer after-effects after the physical server crashes or breaks down.

Another difference between the two hosting services is the storage of data, in a shared hosting it is necessary to make backups to protect the data, otherwise a server error could eliminate them. On the other hand, Cloud replicates the stored information in different nodes, obtaining backup benefits through automated and periodic backups.

The most notorious difference between a shared hosting service and Cloud lies in the availability of resources. There is a contrast between shared resources such as: memory, processing capacity, etc., versus exclusive servers for a specific client.

Finally, shared hosting has an inferior technology to the Cloud, shared systems support limited and finite resources and tools. In comparison, Cloud hosting facilitates the increase of resources according to the user’s requirements, facilitating the staggered growth of the project.

A Cloud server is ideal for large projects and scope within the digital market.

Reasons to Choose a Good Cloud Hosting

  • You Pay for Resources Used

A Cloud service is usually quite intuitive, because it grows and adapts according to the demands of the website. In terms of price, this means a significant savings, making the gains can be perceived with more notoriety. Thanks to the fact that Cloud services are linked to the network, through cPanel you can choose and automate all the updates you need, without paying for extra services.

  • All Included Tools and Google Services at Your Disposal

No quality service can be without essential tools to successfully position and promote your site or digital business.

With the usual most important services in the market such as WordPress, cPanel access, free domain, free SSL, WebMail, SEO Tools, Google Cloud, processing resources, database and big data.

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use

Because the service is hosted on cloud technology it can sense the demands and act according to the needs of the website. Because it is connected to the network it can expand its storage when the website starts to host more data than estimated.

If a website has more traffic demand, a Cloud plan can perform an automated release through cPanel according to the needs of the website. Thus allowing a better performance within the company, in addition to having a more optimal management.

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Analysis and Characteristics of Cloud Hosting

Do you visualize a Cloud hosting as your potential web host? In this section you can detail all the fundamental aspects of this type of web service and the contributions for your company or digital business.

1. Quality of Support

A Cloud package is intuitive and does not have a physical server, this feature exponentially reduces failures and inconveniences in the website. A Cloud service has an advantage over the others, it has lower risks and decreases the need for support help.

However, the providers make available an estimable technical support, which has different modalities to contact. Among the most common are: live chat, electronic or mail communication, telephony. They also offer extensive knowledge bases with multiple articles to enlighten the user.

2. Ease of Use

Cloud has multiple tools that benefit the most expert or novice user. No matter if you are purchasing a Cloud service for the first time, your access to cPanel will help you understand, create and perform 100% of all your website activities.

Optimized and pre-installed tools such as WordPress, will make your site management more smoothly by providing you with everything you need at the click of a button. Another benefit is the integration of Google Cloud, which offers improvements in performance, processing and storage of your website.

3. Technological Requirements

The Cloud service to be linked to the network and have included Google Cloud, has extra tools and very useful for your website. Among the technology that manages a Cloud Computing includes Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Evernote, Microsoft Power Bi, IBM Cognos Analytics, Board, Domo and more.

Cloud also has the tools offered by companies that include: professional email accounts, free SSL, free domain for one year, subdomains, WordPress, access to cPanel, limited and unlimited storage, unlimited database, unlimited data transfer from 100 GB or unlimited, unlimited bandwidth, uptime of 99.9% of the page, technical service 24 / 365 days a year.

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4. Server Location and Availability

Cloud hosting, since it does not have a physical server, the location of the companies or servers can vary geographically, since they are all hosted on the network. It is important before purchasing a plan, detail the location of the same, sometimes they are in different continents, this can harm or benefit your project.

In case there is a failure in the network of your website, automatically another server will take over the operations of your website without any inconvenience.

Cloud Hosting Prices and Promotions

A Cloud service has different promotions and affordable prices for customers, it has an adaptability for every budget, providing incredible resources.

Service Offering Pricing Savings
Inmotion Hosting 2.79 per month 70% off
ScalaHosting 3.95 monthly 43% off
HostGator 2.75 monthly 60% off

Cloud Hosting Promotions

  • Inmotion Hosting has 70% discount on all plans and renewal.
  • Scala Hosting has a 43% discount on its plans for one year.
  • HostGator has the lowest prices in the market and for purchasing an annual plan offers you a 60% discount.

Cloud Hosting Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • Visa- MasterCard
  • Bitcoin

Conclusion on Cloud Hosting

All in all, cloud hosting has the ideal technological advantages for a website that wants to focus on growth. User reviews rate the service as intuitive and accurate, which significantly reduces the prices for purchasing services.

Cloud is focused on managing all tasks and adapting to all major or minor changes of your website, it provides you with the resources to enhance. Among them are free domain, SSL certificate for greater reliability, pre-installed and optimized WordPress, professional email, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and technical service throughout the year.

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When a Cloud hosting server stops operating, the website will not suffer a loss or be a significant disadvantage, instead, another web server will take over the functions of the website resulting in outstanding uptime.

The integration of a technological infrastructure, suitable to supply needs, and manage from cPanel, WordPress basic configurations. In order to avoid uncertainty and adversities it is important to detail the plans before acquiring them to be attentive to the web requirements.

We hope you can enjoy a quality service with great operating rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is the Cloud hosting service reliable?

Yes, the Cloud hosting service is reliable. In fact, it is more reliable than the traditional traditional dedicated hosting service. Because in case of failure of any of the servers where your website is hosted. You will not have stability problems.

✌️ Is the loading speed guaranteed with Cloud hosting services?

The Cloud hosting service will provide you with excellent loading speed loading speed of your website. As with the traditional hosting service, this depends on the contracted provider.

❤️ Is Cloud hosting easy to use?

Yes, Cloud hosting is easy to use. In addition, with the options from the recommended providers, you can count on an excellent technical support to help you with any problems.

⚠️ Is this service recommended for online stores?

Obviously. Cloud hosting is highly recommended for online stores because of the perfect stability it offers you.

If the option of hiring a Cloud hosting service does not convince you at all. You have the option of renting a high quality conventional international dedicated server. Therefore, we recommend you to visit the best international hosting on the market.

his has been our summary about Best Cloud Hosting, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

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