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KnownHost: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

KnownHost is a VPS hosting provider that has been offering services for fully managed websites since 2006. It has expanded over time by creating conditions and technological infrastructures that power a website.

KnownHost has three major data centers and freedom of customization options within the website. It offers web hosting plans, dedicated, WordPress even in case of disasters.

Pros and Cons Of KnownHost


  • 24/7 support 365 days a year
  • Includes 2 dedicated IPs in basic plans
  • DDoS Protection
  • LiteSpeed and LSCache
  • Free configuration
  • Free domain and website migration


  • High prices
  • Does not include Windows-based solutions

KnownHost Offers and Plans





per month

✓ 5 GB Storage
✓ Unlimited Bandwidth
✓ 1 Free Domain

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per month

✓ 1 core
✓ 1 GB RAM
✓ 2 GB SSD

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per month

✓ 4 cores
✓ 16 GB RAM
✓ 240 GB SSD

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Reasons for Choosing KnownHost 2024

There are many benefits that KnownHost offers to a digital project, among many we will highlight some reasons to prefer this provider. The first reason why KnownHost becomes attractive to users is because it provides root access to its servers.

Many providers limit the user in terms of customization and full freedom within the management and administration of the KnownHost server allowing users the freedom to manage the resources according to their needs.

A third reason is the use of container technology, which provides more security and privacy on the web. Security is important to KnownHost, therefore, it grants super user access, so that its customers can implement the tools of their choice.

KnownHost integrates the Softaculous installer for more than 300 scripts with a single click. In addition to adding other useful and easy to use tools such as WHM and cPanel that are compatible with applications such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

KnownHost Services 2024

This specialized VPS hosting provider offers unlimited services and tools with freedom over the servers. Some of the most popular services are:

  • Web Hosting

Features shared and standard hosting plans for starter websites, features professional servers and guaranteed speed.

  • Reseller Hosting

The plans for resellers are distinguished by basic, standard, professional and premium packages. Each one with a specific function for all types of projects, integrating access to cPanel, unlimited tools and optimized WordPress.

  • VPS Hosting

The server alternatives available for your website, is a service that will scale along with your website. They are classified as managed or unmanaged servers, both have customization options with cPanel.

KnownHost support

  • Cloud Services

Managed cloud hosting is an excellent proposition for websites using WordPress, with an environment suitable for empowering and boosting the project. With great storage and stellar speed, as well as easy administration in cPanel.

  • WordPress Hosting

A streamlined interface ready to use and automate a website in seconds with specialized WordPress plans. Includes intuitive cPanel, unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage.

KnownHost Reviews and Features

1. Quality Support

Customer support is a priority for KnownHost, even if you don’t have a contract with them. It relies on a diverse and qualified staff in all branches of web hosting and the different tools to achieve a complete and quality service.

KnownHost has an online chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via phone call, answer in minutes by email. They also integrate forms and information banks and intuitive material for a better management.

2. Ease of Use

From the moment you enter KnownHost’s official platform you can observe the ease and identification of all its services and support guides. The different plans have managed options for WordPress or dedicated servers, getting the website up and running without bothering with technicalities.

As for the use of the website KnownHost provides access to cPanel, one of the tools that you will constantly use in any of the technical tasks or development of the website or digital business.

Many of the functions you need are pre-installed and manageable from cPanel to facilitate the work and worry about meeting your goals.

3. Storage

Storage is also one of the items when choosing a provider that guarantees a quality service and management regardless of the caliber of our projects. KnownHost knows how to make the most of this feature, so it offers “unlimited” storage.


The advantages that KnownHost offers in terms of unlimited storage is the accessibility to the site and to the network. By not having limits to host information and vital resources, the performance, speed and stability is higher.

When it comes to RAM memory, the basic plan has 512MB, unlike the standard plan with 1GB and the professional plans with 2GB and the premium plan stands out with its 4GB.

4. Domain Names

KnownHost has a free domain in the basic plan, you can also purchase 5 domains in the Standard plan, and unlimited domains from the Professional plan.

KnownHost provides you with the most requested domains in the digital world:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .Shop
  • .Net
  • .Co
  • .In

5. Databases

KnownHost offers several database options according to the demand of the site and the expectations of its customers. If you want to know if it offers unlimited databases, the answer is yes, but of course starting with the Professional plan.

In the vps and cloud hosting plans, it has databases capable of supporting a high volume of information without affecting the performance of the website. It includes daily backup copies and backup plans in case the information is compromised.

6. Transfer

KnownHost recognizes that a successful website depends on the fluidity and loading time, therefore, in most of its services provides “unlimited” transfers and bandwidth.

KnownHost allows to have a web traffic without server crashes, given the unlimited data transfer features. Although unlimited does not mean infinite, you should calculate the project properties in order to choose a plan correctly.

7. Mail

KnownHost has email accounts in all its hosting plans ranging from 5 accounts for the basic plan, 25 accounts for the standard plan, and unlimited email accounts for the professional and premium plans.

8. Applications

Among the indispensable applications that the provider integrates are: WordPress managed Drupal and Joomla . When selecting KnownHost’s VPS, shared or cloud plans, you will be able to choose the applications and operating systems of your preference.

KnownHost support

Among the most popular applications for customers are WooCommerce, Ecommerce, ADWord, Google SEO and more. Application limits will be subject to the plans you choose and the demands of your website.

Always study all the items that need to be covered by your provider of choice, in order to take full advantage of the resources KnownHost has to offer.

Also the LiteSpeed script is available to improve the speed of your website with this hosting, a fundamental tool that every hosting should offer at this point.

9. Multisite

The price for starter plans for resellers starts at $6.97 per month and includes unlimited multisites. Also, unlimited email accounts for each multisite, subdomains and a wide variety of templates to choose from.

If you plan to start up other small projects on a trial basis, these plans are the ideal ones to start with. In addition, KnownHost integrates WordPress Multisite plugins to set up a multisite network on the same installation or domain.

10. SSL Certificate

Because of this KnownHost includes in its free SSL plans, every good hosting provider should offer you free and quality SSL. It not only speaks well of your preferred provider, but also of your web site.

KnownHost hosting

KnownHost Pricing & Promotions

Discover the most popular and best rated plans according to expert opinions and KnownHost affiliated users.

Service Offer Price Savings
Basic Web 3.47$ per month No discounts offered.
Standard Web 6.47$ per month No discounts.
Professional Web 9.97$ per month No discounts offered.
Premium Web 19.97$ per month No discounts.

KnownHost Promotions

KnownHost offers special coupons of up to 50% off on plans selected by the provider. In addition to including free, unlimited tools, pre-installations and cPanel access at no additional cost.

KnownHost Payment Methods

These are the payment methods available to purchase any of the plans and services offered by KnownHost

  • PayPal
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Bitcoins

KnownHost Disadvantages

As the only major disadvantage, most KnownHost VPS services come with high prices. Compared to other hosting providers in the market, budget is one of the factors to take into account when making a purchase with this particular provider.

KnownHost dominio

KnownHost Conclusion

KnownHost is a provider with more than 15 years of experience, but that has been a little behind compared to its competition, in order to hire a hosting that is really worth it, we advise you to hire the professional plan to get the most out of it.

It gives its customers confidence and total control of their servers in VPS plans, which allows customers complete freedom of decision, management and administration of resources. It provides security and privacy at all times, per-consumption pricing and unlimited resources for ambitious projects.

One of their plus points when reading many user reviews has been their customer service, as they respond quickly and with exceptional quality.

KnownHost Hosting Alternatives

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KnownHost Datasheet and Features

Features KnownHost Hosting
Price $3.47
See Offer
Shared hosting from $3.47
Dedicated hosting from $49.00
VPS Hosting from $5.00
Refund Policy 30 days
Location of servers USA
Disk (SSD or HDD) SSD
CPU cores (number) From 1 core
Loading time (ms) 936 ms
Control panel (cpanel, etc.) cPanel
Disk space (up to GB) From 1GB
RAM (up to GB) From 1GB
Website builder?
Free site migration?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
See Offer

Frequently Asked Questions About KnownHost

✅ What is KnownHost?

KnownHost is a web hosting company opened in the United States in 2006, specializing in VPS, shared and managed reseller hosting. They have low prices in standard shared hosting plans and higher prices in VPS hosting, but with an unparalleled freedom for the user.

👌 Why Choose KnownHost?

KnownHost is specialized in VPS hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting and with options to generate profits in its reseller section. In addition, it has essential resources for the management of a successful and quality website such as access to cPanel, WordPress applications, SSD disks and unlimited storage.

✌ What are the benefits of KnownHost?

It provides absolute freedom within the website and the provider’s servers, constant customization possibilities, guaranteed security and free domain for 1 year. Unlimited email accounts for multisites, subdomains, access to cPanel and applications such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

💰 How much does KnownHost cost?

Standard plans start at $3.47 per month and managed VPS plans start at $10 per month, with a 50% discount on coupons selected by the provider.

🚀 How to install KnownHost?

Entering KnownHost’s official website and clicking on the services you wish to purchase. Follow the steps indicated in the interface or you can contact some of the agents via online chat or through the phone number published on their platform for further assistance.

This has been our summary about KnownHost, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

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