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Interdominios: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

When choosing a hosting provider you need two elements: proximity and experience, luckily Interdominios is the combination of both. This Spanish company born in 1998 provides innovative web solutions: domains, virtual servers and Cloud.

Interdominios has been one of the first web hosting providers to integrate Plesk and the well-known cPanel. It offers a great service and monitoring, where the user is a priority.

In order to know and value each of its features we wanted to hire their services to give you a complete review of this Spanish provider. Of course, it has great advantages, but some flaws that you will discover in the following text.

Pros and Cons Of Interdominios


  • User friendly interface for beginners and experts
  • Access to cPanel and Plesk
  • SSD disk storage
  • WordPress and major CMS included
  • Standard speeds
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited storage on higher plans


  • Sporadic server crashes
  • Substandard customer support
  • Complex installation of CMS such as WordPress

Interdominios Offers and Plans




Per month


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Per month

✓ 1 CPU

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Per month

✓ 20 GB SSD
✓ 1 CPU

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Reasons to Choose Interdominios 2024

Interdominios has been in the market for at least 20 years, which is undoubtedly a good reason to choose this provider. The years of experience have been key to offer technological services at the height of the market and of the time.

Undoubtedly, another important attribute of Interdominios is the main inclusion of Plesk and cPanel panels, a welcome addition. The versatility of management tools for its customers is one of the many reasons to choose Interdominios as a reliable provider.

Stability is not outstanding with this particular provider, but it delivers what it promises no more, no less. The scope of projects should be thoroughly measured before choosing a hosting plan, yet it is able to offer decent performance and stability.

interdominios hosting web

Interdominios services 2024

  • Domains

Interdominios is one of the few providers that offers domain rescue among its portfolio of options. In addition, it offers cheap domains, domain transfer, domain registration and its subsequent monthly and yearly renewal.

  • Hosting

Interdominios manages three types of plans in its starter or basic section, hosting for WordPress, hosting your website ideal for designing a website if you are a beginner and unlimited hosting. It also has VPS hosting services and cloud hosting with the best positioned CMS in the digital market.

  • Email

Interdominios handles two types of email, both email accounts for individuals and business email accounts. It includes webmail, 100 emails per hour, immediate activation, 24-hour e-mail support, documentation and manuals.

  • VPS

Interdominios provides virtual private server plans for 10 euros per month, a reasonable and competitive rate. It has SSD storage and three VPS plan options such as: Linux VPS, Windows VPS, managed VPS.

  • Cloud

Hiring a custom cloud hosting plan is one of the options offered by Interdominios. The cloud plans include custom CPU, GB of RAM guaranteed, unlimited traffic, custom SSD disk, 100MPS bandwidth and Plesk included with 10 domains.

  • Reseller Plan

Establish your brand and start a business without limitations is the premise that Interdominios manages, with its unlimited Reseller plans. This provider offers unlimited traffic, unlimited storage, unlimited websites.

interdominios hosting wordpress

Interdominios Analysis and Features

a. Quality of Support

Interdominios does not have a very good reference in its customer service and customer support section because it has several drawbacks. Certainly, it includes the usual channels for communication such as chat, email, calls and tickets.

Even so, they have response and resolution times of up to 24 hours of waiting, which is not at all encouraging. Although the staff is knowledgeable in everything related to web hosting, the attention is general and superficial.

However, they do offer an extensive library for users to guide them through the process of activating and troubleshooting their website. This is not a good provider for beginners and user support is certainly not their strong suit.

b. Ease of Use

Interdominios has plans that will help their customers in the process of managing and downloading the CMS they want at the click of a button. All of their plans include Plesk and cPanel panels, an intuitive tool that allows autonomy to their users.

In addition, they have specialized plans in WordPress which undoubtedly simplifies a myriad of technical tasks within your digital projects. The inclusion of cPanel and Plesk allows users to have at hand the resources and tools relevant and necessary for the management, design and development of your website.

c. Storage

Its three main plans have varied and oriented storage according to the needs and type of website. In its initial hosting plan WordPress has a storage of 10 GB in SSD disks for 5 euros per month, while the hosting plan your web for 7 euros offers the same amount of storage, with the difference that includes Google Places.

Their unlimited hosting plan offers unlimited SSD disk storage, 100MBPS bandwidth and unlimited traffic. The cost of the unlimited plan is 10 euros per month and all resources such as domain, email and websites are unlimited.

d. Domain Names

All Interdominios plans include a free domain, except for the unlimited hosting plan getting a large amount of domain name. It has competitive prices of the best domains in Spain.

interdominios hosting dominios

In addition, it offers domain rescue, transfer, registration and renewal. The main domains offered by Interdominios are:

  • .gal
  • .info
  • .org
  • .website
  • .net
  • .co
  • .cc
  • .shop

e. Databases

Interdominios’ databases are unlimited, so they do not represent a barrier for your customers. Through cPanel or Plesk you can manage multimedia content, documents, customer data and more in your database.

The databases offered by Interdominios are MySQL, the most used by international providers. Undoubtedly this provider seeks to offer autonomy and provide confidence to its customers and their most valuable data.

f. Transfer

This is one of the resources thatdoes not have any limit, neither in the starter plans nor in the WordPress hosting. Transfers in Interdominios are completely unlimited, in order to offer better performance, stability and ideal load times.

Having unlimited transfers allows customers to receive a greater influx of users to their websites, without hindering its operation. In addition, it provides autonomy, reliability, professionalism and smooth management.

g. Mail

In its WordPress and tu web plans, Interdominios offers 10 email accounts for individuals or companies, since it handles two modalities. In higher plans offers unlimited email accounts.

This provider offers compatibility with mobile devices and PC, webmail, 100 daily emails, limited storage in superior plans. In addition, 24-hour support, anti-hacking and anti-spam security.

h. Applications

The CMS that Interdominios has at its disposal are several and extensive and in its VPS and Cloud plans allow users to download the one of their choice. Through Plesk or cPanel you can manage WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, type3, Moodle, PHP BB, Magento and more.

In addition, in your WordPress hosting plan, the WordPress application comes pre-installed and ready to use. This is the most valued application by developers due to its high usability and flexibility when designing a successful website.

i. Multisite

Interdominios plans offer the ability to host more than one website with unlimited hosting, VPS hosting for Linux, Windows, managed. In addition, unlimited Reseller plans and cloud web hosting plans where websites are unlimited.

The amount of domains and subdomains will also not be set, as they are plans for large websites and reach on the web. So they are ideal for large websites such as companies or government institutions.

interdominios hosting review

j. SSL Certificate

Interdominios offers free SSL certificates in all its plans, even has other certificates added. As is the case of your web hosting that includes google places.

This provider is able to provide security and professionalism, helping customers to have the best image within google. From cPanel you can activate the certificate of your website and provide a secure website to your potential customers.

Interdominios Prices And Promotions

Interdominios rates are one of the most competitive in Spain. The most popular Interdominios plans have what you need for your website at the best price in the web market.

Service offer Price Savings
WordPress Hosting 5 euros per month No discounts offered
Hosting your website 7 euros per month No discounts offered
Unlimited hosting 10 euros per month No discounts

Interdominios Promotions

Currently Interdominios does not handle a particular promotion, because it is a provider with very affordable prices. However, there is a cost reduction in installments to pay, when you decide to opt for an annual contract with them.

Interdominios Payment Methods

The payment methods of Interdominios are the usual and used all over Spain and the world:

  • PayPal
  • Visa-MasterCard
  • Bank Transfers

Disadvantages of Interdominios

Despite this provider’s track record, its reputation for stability and performance is questionable. It is not a constant, but it is exposed to server crashes and failures in communication with the technical service.

Interdominios Hosting Conclusion

After having carefully studied the features, resources and services of this provider. In hosting Dolphin we wanted to test two of its most characteristic plans: hosting your web and unlimited hosting each one for 6 months.

“Hosting tu web” we liked it because it is more focused on how to design your website, it has both Plesk and cPanel panels. In addition, it includes a free and configurable domain.

interdominios hosting vps

Hosting Unlimited on the other hand turned out to be a better experience, because both storage and traffic are unmetered. This meant for our website a management without barriers and above all autonomous.

As for the negative aspects of this provider is the poor customer service, they can take quite a long time to respond to requests. Undoubtedly this is an area that needs to be improved, we did not witness server crashes, but an uptime that needs to be improved.

If you decide to choose Interdominios you should be aware of these characteristics, it can be a close companion that sometimes can abandon you. However, the web solutions are of great quality. We hope that these opinions will guide your search for the best hosting.

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Technical specifications and features of Interdominios Hosting

Features Interdominios Hosting
Price from 5€
View offer
Shared hosting from 5€
Dedicated hosting from 21.82€
VPS Hosting from 10€
Warranty 15 days
Server location Spain
Disk SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 100ms
Control panel Plesk
Disk space From 10GB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions About Interdominios

✅ What is Interdominios?

Interdominios is a web hosting provider in Spain, with 20 years in the market. It has been characterized for being one of the first hosting companies to offer Plesk panels and panel.

👌 Why Choose Interdominios?

Since it has significant negative points, which can slow down the choice of this provider. One of the strongest reasons to choose them is the uninterrupted presence in the digital world for 20 years, variety of panels for management, competitive prices and warranty.

✨ What are the benefits of Interdominios?

It has its CDN in Spain, SSD disk technology in its storage section, is a provider that offers Multidomain. In addition, free SSL certificates, security against hacking, malware, unlimited transfers and 15 days warranty.

💰 What is the price of Interdominios?

Hosting WordPress has a monthly fee of 5 euros, while hosting tú web, one of their most complete plans in the basic range is 7 euros per month. Their top plan which is unlimited hosting has a monthly fee of 10 euros.

🚀 How to install Interdominios?

As for the installation, you should contact technical support, since complex steps must be applied. Of course, before starting the process, we recommend you to choose the plan that best suits the needs, goals and objectives of your digital projects.

We hope we have given you the necessary data to know if this provider, goes according to what your digital projects need. Hosting Dolphin seeks to provide honest, unbiased and real reviews and opinions of Interdominios and its services within the digital market.

This has been the entire Interdominios review. We hope that all the information presented in this extended web hosting review will help you.

If you still have doubts about hiring this service or another that we recommend. In Hosting Dolphin you can find information about the best hosting Spain.

Writer and Hosting Tester. I like to share my hosting experiences and write reviews.

Opinions and User Experience of Interdominios

Have you used Interdominios before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using an Interdominios service in the comments below.

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