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How to Register a Domain at NIC Argentina (Updated Guide)

Web domains are important for websites, they allow you to give your company, store, organization, etc. an identity and its own brand on the Internet. If you are thinking of registering a domain in Argentina you will have to manage it from NIC Argentina.

The Network Information Center Argentina offers the search and registration of domains, this entity is in charge of managing the domains. If you want to know how to register a domain in NIC Argentina stay and continue reading this guide.

What is NIC?

Qué es in NIC

To register a domain at NIC Argentina you need to know the Dirección Nacional del Registro de Dominios de Internet. This Argentinean directorate is oriented to the development of the web, working together with the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency of the Nation.

The NIC aims to provide Argentine users with a quality and efficient service when registering .ar domains. It establishes an approach so that all people can have access to domain search and registration under equal conditions.

NIC Argentina is a safe, fast and reliable way to register your “ar” domain and carry out your ideas on the Internet. Besides, it has been considered one of the keys for the web development of the Nation.

Before you start, what should you take into account?

Registering a domain at NIC Argentina is very simple, but to simplify the process there are some details that you must define before registering. First of all, understand that a domain is important for web presence, especially for online stores.

Therefore, before registering keep in mind the following:

  • The domain name should be easy to remember
  • The domain name must be representative
  • Establish a self-descriptive domain name
  • Know the availability of the domain

Now, once this step is done, we will tell you what you must have to start registering your domain ar at NIC Argentina:

  • CUIT/CUIL number
  • Fiscal Code Level 2 or higher
  • Adhere to AFIP’s Authentication and Authorization Services for Distance Procedures

Steps to register a domain in NIC Argentina

The process to register an “ar” domain in NIC Argentina is very simple, it consists of six steps: from the registration to the payment of the domain. If you have all the requirements presented above then you can start and buy the domain.

Pasos para registrar un dominio en NIC Argentina

Search for the domain

In NIC Argentina’s domain search engine,check if the domain name you want for your businessis available. To do so, type the name, the zone “ar”, and press search. If it is available, click on “I want to register it”.

Login with the Fiscal Code or users

In this first step you must log in to Remote Procedures either with your CUIT/CUIL number and Fiscal Code for residents. Or users and password for non-residents.

Start the procedure

After logging in, you will see the “Tr√°mites a Distancia” tab, with the domain availability information, to continue press “Register”.

Verify the data

Before registering your domain you must confirm the process, in this tab you will see an informative date about the domain it contains:

  • Domain data
  • Applicant’s data

For special zone domains or domains with 3 characters you must wait for NIC Argentina’s approval in order to continue with the registration. This usually takes 48 hours, once it indicates “Pago Dominio” it will have been approved and you will be able to continue with the payment process.

On the contrary, if the domain was not approved, you will receive a notification from Tr√°mites a Distancia.

Invoicing data

In this step you must check the billing information, and in case of errors make the necessary modifications. Pay attention to the data of:

  • Domain name
  • Personal data
  • Prices

In case of error, you can cancel the process and start again.

Pay for the domain

To finalize the registration of a domain. You must select a payment method, either:

  • Credit Card: enter your credit card information.
  • Home Banking: complete the PagoMisCuentas information and enter the platform to make the payment.
  • Rapipago: pay with Rapipago and download coupons.

Payments through Home Banking, credit cards and PagoMisCuentas will be credited within 24 hours. As for Rapipago it will be credited in 72 working hours.

Enjoy your domain

Disfruta de tu dominio

These are the steps to learn how to register a domain from NIC Argentina. It is a very simple procedure, but you must follow the sequence to avoid making mistakes and restarting.

In Hosting Dolphin we hope you can register a domain “.ar” and enjoy the benefits and a good presence on your website.

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