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Arte Hosting: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

A hosting for all types of projects with great capacity and excellent resources, this is Arte, a Mexican provider founded in 2006. With more than a decade of service it has emerged as one of the best options after providing plans that adapt to even the most complex projects.

If you want to have optimal results you just have to check the plan that best suits you whether it is a private server, shared hosting, WordPress, email services, among others. It promises to boost your website and take it to the top, but will it succeed?

Discover the main features of this provider in the following review.

Pros and Cons of Arte Hosting


  • Uptime 99%.
  • Overspeed
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Passionate technical support
  • Unbeatable connectivity
  • Site Builder


  • Technical support availability varies
  • Speed of servers

Arte Hosting Plans and Offers



MXN 49.00

per month

✓ 30GB SSD
✓ Unlimited Transfer
✓ 1 Website

View plan



MXN 199.00

per month

✓ 1 CORE
✓ 25GB SSD

View plan



MXN 3,900

per month

✓ Adjustable

See plan

Reasons to Choose Arte in 2024

Technology and speed are the main reasons why thousands of users have chosen Arte. This provider is characterized by a multi-layered technology coupled with the best hardware and software to excel in speed.

Arte is able to be managed in cPanel and install applications such as WordPress thanks to the technological infrastructure. In addition, it provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee to ensure that the website is always up and running.

que es arte hosting

Satisfaction guarantees allow the user to receive a refund within the first 30 days of service. Arte in addition to adding cPanel, WordPress pre-installations in its plans includes large storage capacity between 100 and 1,000 GB.

Last but not least, Arte offers complex web solutions for high-end sites and even affordable solutions to suit any online business.

Arte’s services in 2024

  • Hosting Plans

Arte offers hosting plans adaptable to the size of your digital project, whether it is 100 GB or 1 TB. This provider unifies the best web solutions with capacity and technology.

  • WordPress Hosting

Speed and security are the highlights of the WordPress hosting, provides up to 125 GB of SSD space and supports up to 10 domains. With backups and WordPress migrations totally free.

  • Dedicated Servers

An Arte web solution that provides power and performance capable of keeping high-level projects active. It is designed to meet the demands with guaranteed hardware, fixed IP addresses, customizable CPU and RAM.

  • Cloud Servers

On-demand servers according to your needs and when you need them, offering dedicated IP, Root access, 100% cloud SSD and 1GB speed.

  • Email Hosting

Arte offers an email solution for different types of users: entrepreneurs, SMEs, small and medium businesses. Each plan has a specific email capacity with professional and secure features.

hosting arte

  • Reseller Hosting

Arte’s reseller plans offer cPanel access and WordPress pre-installation, each plan includes unlimited domains. In addition, SSL certificates, daily backups and “unmetered” resources.

Arte Hosting Analysis and Features

a. Quality Support

A technical support that is passionate about helping is a quality that every provider should possess, Arte is characterized by the passion of its customer service staff. A staff that is by you and for you, so that you can solve your questions with relevant information.

The support is rated as high quality according to the opinions of users, one of the advantages mentioned is the 24-hour availability. You can establish direct communication by telephone or indirectly by generating tickets or live chat.

Although response times tend to vary, generally after their office hours, they maintain an efficient pace. In case you are unable to attend to your request, you will find material for further information in a knowledge center and tutorials on YouTube.

b. Ease of Use

Arte is designed by levels so that the more learned as well as the beginner can find an ideal solution for their respective projects. In this way, they present the basic, premium and enterprise levels with resources according to each level of use.

arte hosting elmejor del mercado de alojamiento

It integrates cPanel one of the most famous control panels to facilitate a reliable host control with a dynamic and intuitive interface. The icons within cPanel have an appropriate graphical dimension to allow you to identify each function, configuration and customization.

Finally, users have access to a website builder for an additional fee, which is really handy and easy to use. You just drag and drop to create an amazing website using pre-designed templates, and you can even add advanced options with little knowledge.

c. Storage

Arte’s storage space is used to store your website’s information, that is: files, emails, quotes, among others. Each hosting plan has limited disk storage space ranging from 30 GB to 500 GB of storage.

In this sense, storage can be seen as a disadvantage given that there are other hosting providers with unmetered storage plans. Even if you have a prudent amount of SSD storage between 100 GB up to 1 TB, they are only available in advanced plans.

However, the plans have an amount of resources for the server from: one CPU core and 1 GB of RAM. The disadvantage is that this amount remains fixed for all Arte plans.

d. Domain Names

Much of the identity of the website is given by the domain name, Arte recognizes the importance of acquiring a domain. For this reason, it offers the best options to have an attractive presence on the Internet, it is necessary that you choose carefully among a catalog of extensions and domain names.

Some of the most popular domain names at Arte are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .mex

Remember to choose a domain that is easy to remember and purchase a plan to be able to combine it with emails, in order to have a good presence on the web. An advantage of Arte is the immediate registration and automatic or managed activation in cPanel.

Server Arte Hosting

The provider’s transparency is highlighted by promising not to increase the price of domain renewal, being the user the only owner of the domain.

e. Databases

Grouping and storing all the web data in files and classified tables is possible in Arte due to the unlimited databases of the provider. Each package is equipped with a MySQL database being managed from cPanel and with remote access privileges.

Remote access to the databases is useful for data manipulation or to connect an application from wherever you are. For this, you need a dedicated IP address provided by a provider.

It is important to read the terms and conditions, as unlimited does not equal infinite, there is always a limiting factor.

f. Transfer

Data transfer from the server to the web is completely unlimited in Arte, in all its plans. Similar to the previous cases, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions before purchasing a plan to avoid contradictions.

Transfers can be conditioned by the amount of visitors to the pages in a considerable period of time. Likewise, Arte allows web transfers, that is, the transfer of information within the site.

You can even set up FTP clients in cPanel to upload or edit files to the server and migrate the website at no cost. Domain transfer is another of Arte’ s advantages, making the change totally free of charge.

g. Mail

Communication is essential so an email must be synchronized and active at all times. Arte offers you email solutions with a synchronized and uncluttered interface, similar to many email clients.

Synchronization is available:

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOs

Webmail will be an ally to help you set up and manage the number of email accounts you wish to create. The plans allow you to create between 500 and 800 email accounts, and allow configuration on Android/IOS according to your preferences.

The email accounts have auto responders, anti-spam and anti-hacking to protect the user’s sensitive data and information.

h. Applications

In the applications you will have a whole catalog of add-ons and content managers to choose from due to the integration of Softaculous. You can choose the most popular applications such as WordPress, an ideal content manager for building a blog, and you can also install WordPress plugins.

Other applications you can choose and install with just one click:

  • Joomla
  • Abantacart
  • SMF
  • Pubcvana
  • Nibbleblog
  • SitePad
  • HTMLand
  • Concrete CMS
  • MODX
  • e107
  • Xoops

i. Multisite

Arte makes it possible to maintain a network of websites. Allowing to host or create websites according to the hosting plan. The provider supports between 20 domains and several subdomains between 50 to 100, to maintain the multisite in force.

If you download the WordPress Multisite plugin you will be able to manage a network of websites from a single WordPress installation. Thus the administration and configuration will be as a whole and you can save hours of work, editing or customization making it easier to focus on the most relevant areas of the web.

server hosting

j. SSL Certificate

Security should not be overlooked, Arte provides a cost-effective solution for data encryption and protection of websites. SSL certificates facilitate the secure transmission of data from the server to the browser using the security protocol.

In addition to displaying the padlock on the https to indicate “secure connection” and get better web traffic. Also, within the plans you can opt for a free SSL certificate or purchase an additional one according to the interests of your project.

Arte Prices and Promotions

Get to know Arte’s rates to choose the plan that suits your needs, you can find them in the following table:

Service offer Price Savings
Shared Plans From MXN49.00 per month 14% discount paying 3 years
Reseller Plans From MXN299.00 monthly 14% discount paying 3 years
WordPress Hosting From MXN147.00 monthly 14% discount paying 3 years
Legacy VPS From MXN599.00 monthly 6% discount paying 1 year
VPS Cloud From MXN199.00 monthly No offers (Free backups)
Corporate Email From MXN999.00 monthly 14% discount paying 3 years

Arte Promotions

Arte is a provider that establishes savings and discount rates on most of its packages. Generally these are 14% off for email, WordPress, Reseller and shared plans.

Arte’s Payment Methods

Arte’s payment methods may vary depending on geographic location, the most common payment methods are:

  • Credit card, debit card
  • Bank Transfers
  • Paypal

Arte Disadvantages

Users’ opinions may converge, although the majority of them praise Arte’s resources, there is a portion that is not entirely happy. The limitations and lack of speed of the servers are the causes of dissatisfaction.

In the first place, the servers of this Mexican provider have presented multiple crashes being unfavorable for the user. In addition, Arte’s server is not as fast as promised, however, these are details that the host has yet to resolve.

Conclusion of Hosting Arte

Once detailed the most relevant features of Arte it is time to portray our experience after hiring its shared hosting plan. We can’t say that it is a bad provider, however, it may not exactly meet your expectations.

arte hosting

Undoubtedly, Arte’s server speed is not the most amazing but the load times do not exceed 5 seconds. In other words, it was not a disaster, we did not have server crashes, although the opinions of many users say that it happens sporadically.

The technical support is one of the most passionate we have tested, they are always attentive to resolve user concerns. When I submitted a ticket to inquire about domain registration, their response was in less than 12 hours and with relevant and appropriate information.

In general, Arte seemed to us to be a complete provider even for highly complex projects, if not the fastest but their resources have the quality they promise. The support and migrations for WordPress and cPanel management were favorable.

We recommend that before hiring this provider you take into account the needs of your project to avoid setbacks.

Alternatives to Arte’s hosting

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Technical specifications and features of Arte Hosting

Features Arte Hosting
Price from MXN 49.00
View offer
Shared hosting from MXN 49.00
Dedicated hosting from MXN 3900.00
VPS Hosting from MXN 599.00
Warranty 30 days
Server location Mexico
Disco SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 1000ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 100GB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions About Arte Hosting

✅ What is Arte Hosting?

Arte is a Mexican web hosting provider founded in 2006, in its trajectory they have specialized in web servers with extended features for all projects. It has affordable prices, easy access interface and great technological infrastructure.

✌️ Why Choose Arte?

Among the reasons to prefer the provider are the 99% uptime, the unlimited services are also a key point of the host. You will be able to transfer data, use unlimited databases or domains, of course, depending on the hosting plan.

Finally, it offers good security tools, backup and website migrations.

🏅 What are the benefits of Arte?

The Mexican provider is a benefit for users, from web solutions of great capacity and complexity, able to raise the site and boost positioning with plans for WordPress, email, shared or virtual private servers.

💰 What Price is Arte?

Pricing for Arte’s hosting plans is affordable and varies by plan capacity:

  • Hosting Plans From $2.45 monthly
  • Reseller Plans From $14.95 monthly
  • WordPress Hosting From $7.35 monthly
  • Legacy VPS Starting At $29.95 monthly
  • VPS Cloud From $9.95 monthly
  • Corporate Mail From $49.95 monthly
🚀 How to install Arte?

To activate and install Arte you must access their website, sign up for a web hosting package. Once you have paid for it, you configure the domain and DNS, and then access the provider’s cPanel control panel to start using the provider.

To install the hosting you must download certain software, the technical support will be your guide to avoid errors.

This has been our entire review of Arte Hosting’s hosting services. We hope you found the information useful and found what you were looking for.

In case you would like to learn more about the world of web hosting and servers we recommend you to keep browsing our website.

Writer and Hosting Tester. I like to share my hosting experiences and write reviews.

Opinions and Experience of Arte Users

Have you used Arte before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using an Arte service in the comments below.

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