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Blue: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

What attribute should the best hosting have? If we base ourselves on the trajectory, there is an endless number of Latin American providers capable of offering the best. Among so many, Blue dazzles a Chilean company with 30 years of experience, being the leader in the whole country.

This provider stands out for its VPS and shared hosting plans, which it makes available to its customers. It is a company that covers the essentials of a website and more; it has access to cPanel and all WordPress services preinstalled.

Will Blue be the number one provider in Chile? We detail in depth all the pros, cons and most notable features of this web hosting company.

Blue Hosting Pros and Cons


  • Pre-installed WordPress services
  • Unlimited domains
  • Flexible page layouts
  • Competitive pricing
  • 30 years of experience in the market
  • One of the best providers in Chile


  • They do not have Dedicated Hosting services
  • Delays in their technical service

Blue Hosting Offers and Plans



CLP 38.900

CLP 22.900

Per year (3-year contract)

✓ Unlimited SSD storage
✓ 1.50 GB RAM
✓ 1 website

View plan



CLP 3.200

CLP 2.500

Per month

✓ 20GB SSD
✓ 1 vCPU

View plan



CLP 66,900

CLP 46,900

Per year (3-year contract)

✓ Unlimited SSD storage
✓ .cl domain
✓ 1 website

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Reasons for Choosing Blue Hosting in 2024

The first reason to consider Blue as a trusted provider is the exclusive services for users . Although it shares global tools like its competitors, Blue seeks to offer a wider variety of options and all of them are the company’s own.

The second reason to choose Blue is that it has excellent plans for entrepreneurs and competitive start-up prices. Blue is a company that takes into account and knows how difficult startups are, so it has ideal plans for these new projects.

blue hosting review

The third reason to opt for this service is the wide variety of VPS and shared plans that Blue offers. It presents different solutions for all types of customers and small, medium and large corporations.

Blue’s services in 2024

  • Web Hosting

All hosting plans are available in this option, from plans for entrepreneurs, plans for companies, WordPress hosting plan and exclusive plans for business and commerce.

  • Domains

Get a domain instantly with the variety of options offered by Blue, at a competitive price. Domain registration, domain migration, acquisition of the best domains in Chile and the world.

  • Cloud Server

Reach speeds above your needs with Blue’s VPS plans, all with SSD disk storage. All VPS plans are designed to cover the highest percentage of needs in a market that evolves every day.

  • Reseller Program

Generate money and customers that go far in the digital market, with Blue’s reseller plans. Ideal for customers who want to grow, generate profits or start their own web hosting business.

Blue Hosting Analysis and Features

a. Quality Support

Blue has specialized attention in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has two main channels of real-time communication available to all its customers, online chat and phone calls.

This is one of the items where Blue stands out from its competitors, the positive reviews it has received from users reinforce its commitment to its customers. Blue has other alternatives such as tickets, e-mail and forms for smaller concerns.

Blue el mejor hosting

b. Ease of Use

For Blue cPanel is one of its main tools and should not be missing in their hosting plans. In addition, Blue provides its CMS users with the ability to develop their websites in a few minutes in a flexible way, applications such as WordPress are also available and ready to use.

Blue enjoys availability and useful and intuitive tools for ease of use, regardless of the knowledge limitations of its various users. Blue is a skilled and quality web hosting company that will live up to any of its clients’ goals.

c. Storage

As usual the storage and capacity of the servers, will be subject to the plans you choose. The variety of memory available is high and each is capable of adapting to the needs, demands and goals of your web site or business.

In the case of Blue, from its main plans, SSD disk storage is unlimited, since it is a company oriented to the growth of a website. In addition, it can afford to offer services without barriers, because it is considered one of the best hosting companies in Chile.

d. Domain Names

Blue is a company that is characterized by having the largest number of domains hosted within its platform. It has the most reliable domains in Chile and the best positioned within the national territory.

Blue server

Blue not only hosts the best domains in Chile, but it also has the most quoted domains in the digital market. Even the best positioned globally, allowing users from other countries and within the territory to expand their brand to more places.

  • .net
  • .pro
  • .ltda
  • .blog

e. Databases

Blue is one of the few providers that provides open source databases, which allows its users to make improvements and contributions as they wish. The databases that Blue integrates into its plans have the ability to give web pages organization, flexibility and easy location of the client’s content.

The databases used by Blue are MySQL and are the ones that best adapt to content volumes, without affecting the performance and functionality of the page. It is undoubtedly a tool that every user looks for when hiring a quality provider.

f. Transfer

Another section where Blue does not place any type of restriction and it is appreciated, is in the transfer of data and information from the multiple websites it hosts. Unlimited data transfers allow for optimal performance and page uptimes above 90.99%.

Blue dominio

If you are looking for a company capable of providing resources without limiting the growth of your site and without compromising the performance of your website, Blue is an excellent choice. Plus, these types of resources are available to you from their entrepreneurial plans to their enterprise plans.

g. Mail

This resource is one of those that will facilitate the credibility of users with business oriented websites or with business dynamics. A webmail provides professionalism, trust and improves communication between future and existing customers of a website.

Blue includes from its Power plan unlimited email accounts, all protected against ads and antispam. In addition, it allows synchronization with your mobile devices and computers, backups, automated responses, monitoring, specialized support and more.

You can create and configure email accounts from cPanel, adding custom names; cPanel has made it easy to manage users in Blue.

h. Applications

Blue is number 1 in Chile and it is not in vain, thanks to the variety of CMS, applications and tools available in their services. Blue provides all WordPress services pre-installed, plus access to cPanel, a must-have tool for any web developer or novice user who wants to build an optimal website.

Blue has a window of options to choose from, such as access to Google tools, ADWord, Ecommerce, Magento, Drupal, Joomla. No doubt in this section Blue meets the expectations of users and offers websites that will reach positions and interest within the network.

i. Multisites

Blue has the capacity to manage multiple sites thanks to its qualities as a Reseller provider and for corporate websites. We recommend purchasing professional, enterprise or business plans to get the most out of it and not experience performance and speed issues.

Blue WordPress

Blue allows between 5 to multiple websites centrally through cPanel. In addition, you can use WordPress services to manage all website activities. Moreover, the WordPress Multisite plugin is fascinating to set up from a single installation in cPanel a network of websites.

j. SSL Certificates

The free SSL certificates included in each hosting plan offered by this company, are responsible for providing any website reliability, reliability and solidity. Blue is close to global providers, providing better security protocols, professionalism and excellent vision in accordance with Google standards.

Having a provider that provides SSL allows you to trust and make sure that your provider has your back at all times within the network. Always make sure to choose hosting companies that want to increase the reliability of the websites they host and allow for scalable growth.

Blue’s Pricing & Promotions

Each of Blue’s plans includes unlimited tools and resources, ideal for growing your website, without the need to purchase extra services. Check out the Chilean provider’s prices in the following table.

Service Offering Price Savings
Power Plan 38,900 Chilean pesos
  • 30,900 Chilean pesos per year when contracting for 2 years
  • 22,900 Chilean pesos per year for a 3-year contract.
Full Plan 43,900 Chilean pesos
  • 34,900 Chilean pesos per year for a 2-year contract
  • 25,900 Chilean pesos per year for 3 years

Blue Promotions

Blue offers 20% discounts when purchasing any of its plans for entrepreneurs, businesses or companies for one year. It also offers special offers on other products that may be of interest and benefit your website.

Blue Blue Payment Methods

  • Master
  • Redcompra
  • PayPal
  • Visa- MasterCard
  • American express

Disadvantages of Blue

Among Blue’s disadvantages are the questionable response times in handling customer requests regarding their websites. This could be a problem if any of the users have unexpected crashes or any inconvenience with the operation of the website.

Blue seguridad

You may want to consider Blue’s response times and dispute resolution before deciding on any of its plans on a permanent basis. In addition to this, Blue does not offer dedicated server solutions, therefore, user reviews have not been kind in this regard.

Conclusion of Blue Hosting

After characterizing the Chilean provider, we want to tell you our experience after a year of service. We decided to try Blue’s full plan, a positive feature was the account activation, which did not take more than 24 hours.

As for the speed, at the beginning we had some complications, but then the service stabilized , providing excellent results in performance and excellent loading times on our pages. We have been fascinated by this provider’s complete email service, you don’t need any extra resources.

Despite not having dedicated servers, their VPS server has exceptional features, including SSD disk storage. An addition that we appreciate and allowed us to customize resources.

Overall, Blue is an ideal provider for local users or those residing in Latin America, it manages to meet the basic needs of a website. Although it did not exactly meet our expectations, it is capable of taking the project to a higher level.

Alternatives to Blue Hosting

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Blue Hosting technical specifications and features

Features Blue Hosting
Price from CLP 22.900
View offer
Shared hosting from CLP 38.900
Dedicated hosting from -
VPS Hosting from CLP 2.500
Warranty 30 days
Server location Chile
Disk SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 830ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 20GB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Hosting

✅ What is Blue Hosting?

Blue is a Chilean provider, with 30 years offering hosting services, free domain, cPanel access and WordPress services to all types of users. It is ranked as the number one provider in Chile and possibly tops the list of one of the best companies in Latin America.

✌️ Why Choose Blue?

For its high reliability and trajectory within the digital market, affordable prices and resources that hardly any other Latin provider can offer. Its add-ons for the construction and management of websites such as cPanel and WordPress are one of its most valued features.

✨What are the benefits of Blue?

Scalable growth for entrepreneurs, plans adopted to web businesses and corporate sites. Plans to generate profits or start your own business as a web hosting provider.

Pre-installed WordPress services manageable from cPanel, automated support, backups, free domain SSL certificates and more.

💰 What is the price of Blue?

The prices of the most popular plans offered by Blue Hosting are as follows:

  • Power Plan $38,900 Chilean pesos
  • Full Plan 43.900$ chilean pesos
🚀 How to install Blue?

Blue specializes in helping its users activate any plan they decide to use for their websites. You can count on specialized staff to help you choose the plan of your choice, register your domain, make payments and activate your website.

This has been our summary about Blue Hosting, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

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Blue User Reviews and Experience

Have you used Blue before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Blue service in the comments below.

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