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Caracas Hosting: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions

What do you look for in a provider? If it is trajectory, robust technology, innovation and creativity, the hosting provider Caracas Hosting is the right choice. Founded in 2002 it has been the pioneer in web resources and solutions in Venezuela.

The mission of the hosting provider is that the user achieves success in the management of their projects and Caracas Hosting provides a path to conquer your goals. The hosting support is incredible, making it one of the best options in the Latin country.

Will it be the perfect provider for my website? Discover its features in the following review.

Pros and Cons Of Caracas Hosting


  • State-of-the-art servers
  • Excellent security
  • Multiple web solutions
  • Unlimited database
  • SSL certificate
  • Good technical support


  • Limited storage

Caracas Hosting Plans and Offers




per month

✓ 600MB NVMe SSD

View plan




per month

✓ Unlimited Transfer

View plan




per month

✓ 1 CPU
✓ 10 GB DISK

View plan

Reasons For Choosing Caracas Hosting 2024

Caracas Hosting is chosen by users because of certain essential features, some of them are the incorporation of its own Core of last generation servers. They have always been characterized by their love for futuristic technology, providing the best network for websites with security and the best prices in the market.

The Caracas Hosting system is fully automated, this has satisfied 35 thousand customers. It includes within its experience as a provider more than 6 teras of RAM, 1000 available cores, 3 petabytes of storage and 45 days of electrical autonomy.

Caracas Hosting

Other reasons to choose Caracas Hosting in 2022 are the custom design, that is to say, the personalization and adaptation to your image. Plugins with added value, optimization and performance of resources such as WordPress and easy SEO management, in addition to control in cPanel.

Caracas Hosting Services 2024

  • Web Design

Caracas Hosting offers resources and advice on the process to create a website, in addition to the implementation and production of this. You can choose between three plans: standard, corporate and virtual.

  • Upgrades

Caracas Hosting allows you to expand the potential of the purchased services, for example, you can increase the number of hot cores of your server. Also, you can add more RAM, storage, backup among others according to your preferences and needs.

  • Colocation

The datacenter colocation offered by Caracas Hosting works with low and high density servers, with world class infrastructure. Providing redundancy, stability and therefore the perfect atmosphere to develop a website.

  • Servers

The hosting provider Caracas Hosting offers the best options in physical and virtual servers to the height and demands of the client. They provide Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Oracle servers, among others. You can create as many virtual servers as you want or a dedicated server at your disposal.

  • Private Cloud

Caracas Hosting’s Private Cloud services make it easy to create a cloud according to your needs by adding up to 1024 cores, 100 teras and 4096 GB RAM. Just ask for a quote so that the Caracas Hosting team can make a customized proposal.

Caracas Hosting Analysis and Features

a. Quality of Support

Caracas Hosting offers technical support according to the customer’s needs, however, it has some levels of contact. If you want specialized and managed support for your resources you should purchase a platinum support plan.

Caracas Hosting

This can be a disadvantage, leaving the rest of the plans of a high quality support. But, above all, Caracas Hosting agents will be ready to resolve your concerns in a timely manner.

The channels to communicate with Hosting you can find them in the customer area as: support by tickets ideal for invoices or emergencies. Chat with an advisor only available during office hours from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Also, you can chat via instant messaging WhatsApp or telephone service, their operators will respond according to the availability of requests.

b. Ease of Use

Caracas Hosting aims to facilitate the work of administration and management of websites, both for developers and beginners. Thus, your resources are fully controllable and manageable from your cPanel control panel and its dynamic and intuitive interface.

The host information is designed to be understood by users without the need for extensive programming knowledge. Its icons and details are graphical as well as descriptive, the use of cPanel convinces users of the easy usability.

Finally, it presents hosting options and hosting combos plus domains to easily start a website.

c. Storage

The experience of Caracas Hosting reveals that it has a capacity of 3 Petabytes of storage on its servers. A portentous amount to be able to host thousands of users, however, their plans do not exceed the amounts established in other providers.

While the advanced plans at other hosts are totally unlimited, Caracas Hosting’s platinum package is 100 GB. This is a considerable amount and can be used by small and medium-sized businesses, but it will not be ideal for ambitious projects.

Detailing their plans you can find in their Mini package 3GB of disk space, in the pro-40 GB plan and the Platinum 100GB as previously mentioned. The SSD NVMe disks that the provider integrates promise high performance websites, useful traffic for corporations.

If you need more space you can contact the host to purchase private servers with terabyte of storage.

d. Domain Names

It is time to create a visible, attractive and unique web site within the network, generate a presence that makes an impact with the domain of your dream. Caracas Hosting is ideal to take your identity to all internet spaces.

Caracas Hosting

It ensures the optimization of domain names and is the best tool to search for the most popular domains. Although, it does not have a huge range of domain extensions are popular and has great visibility on Google:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .info
  • .us

Caracas Hosting offers combos to get 12GB in your first domain and host with access to cPanel, WordPress preinstalled and corporate emails in one place.

e. Databases

Databases have an important mission in websites, being in charge of keeping order in grouped and relational data. Caracas Hosting offers unlimited databases in the WordPress plans, on the other hand, in shared hosting plans you can purchase between 2 and 20 databases.

According to the users’ opinions, the database limitations are a disadvantage. However, the provider is based on value for money, depending on the level of the plan you will have more access to databases.

The databases are managed from cPanel facilitating remote and third party access in order to maintain the monitoring of the files at any time and place.

f. Transfer

The transfer of data from the server to the web is limited in Caracas Hosting plans ranging from 20 GB of transfer or unlimited. In the WordPress plans the data transfers are totally unlimited, however, they are not infinite, there are some limitations.

An unfavorable point is the transfers in the basic shared plans, which contrasts with other providers that offer unlimited services in their basic plans. On the other hand, Caracas Hosting includes web migrations with the transfer of information that is done by the provider.

These migrations of both website and domain are managed and the user does not have to worry about technical aspects. You can upload files through the FTP client managed in cPanel.

g. Mail

Caracas Hosting resources are of high quality, highlighting the emails that facilitate direct communication with customers. Tools that allow the growth and professionalism of the website. Digital project or company.

The email provided by the hosting provider can be managed from Webmail and configured in cPanel. It contains properties and features of corporate mail, companies or organizations.

Caracas Hosting

That is, emails with professional tones, which are combined with the domain name to provide personalization and identity. You can opt for limited email accounts in basic plans and unlimited accounts in platinum packages.

h. Applications

A hosting is not complete without the applications or complements that favor the growth of the site, fortunately Caracas Hosting adds excellent options. You will have at your disposal a catalog of applications, CMS or add-ons for blogs, stores and administration.

Among many of them, WordPress stands out as one of the most popular content management systems, which you can install in a few clicks through cPanel. WordPress is an ally to make your website grow, optimizing the content.

In addition, there are other applications that you can access, such as:

  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • AbanteCart
  • osCommerce
  • Joomla
  • Zen Cart

The applications in Caracas Hosting are easy and fast to install without the need to be an expert.

i. Multisite

It is necessary to mention that Caracas Hosting is not very transparent about the multisite options, although it allows the installation of domains and subdomains, it does not specify correctly. According to their plans you can purchase between 10 and 100 subdomains, but omits the number of websites you can create.

However, it is possible to generate a multisite network which you can manage in WordPress Multisite. Being a tool to maintain plugins, common configurations and save time, worrying about what is important, to grow.

j. SSL Certificate

Currently the pages that manage to position themselves have an SSL certificate, Caracas Hosting offers security to prevent data manipulation. So you can provide visitors a private environment to fill in personal data.

You can choose to purchase a certificate with the provider or external that facilitates data encryption and protection of the web.

Caracas Hosting Prices And Promotions

Check out the rates of the Venezuelan provider in the following table:

Service Offer (Shared Hosting) Price Savings
Basic 1.40 per month
Executive $2.20 per month
Pro 3.00 per month
Master $4.00 per month
WordPress Plans $2.60 to $11 monthly

Caracas Hosting Promotions

The provider does not include discount rates, instead you can acquire promotions on unlimited or free resources after signing up for a hosting plan with Caracas Hosting.

Caracas Hosting Payment Methods

The Venezuelan provider’s payment methods are as follows

  • Bank transfers to Banesco, Mercantil, Venezuela banks
  • Pago Movil
  • International wire transfers

Disadvantages of Caracas Hosting

Users prefer the provider for its numerous features that give the site the power, speed it craves. However, not everything is an advantage, Caracas Hosting has some disadvantages that according to user reviews are a point of concern.

Caracas Hosting

First of all, it highlights the limited storage, of course an infinite storage does not exist, but the space capacity may be lower than other providers. On the other hand, certain features of the provider are not fully detailed, calling into question the transparency of Caracas Hosting.

Conclusion about Caracas Hosting

Having detailed Caracas Hosting it is worth asking is it the right provider for any website? In our experience we were able to evidence the innovation and creativity of the Venezuelan provider, so it is a host for small and medium sized websites.

We contracted the “Pro” plan for six months, the web solutions proposed by the plan were able to keep our web pages active. However, one point which discouraged us was the capacity of SSD NVMe space, we only had 6000 Mb, being a pro level plan we expected more space.

Luckily, Caracas Hosting’s policy allows us to change plans without complications. The technical support was amazing, it was even possible to contact by WhatsApp. It is a very easy to use host thanks to cPanel and WordPress optimization.

Of course, the unlimited tools have some daily or monthly limitation but they are not so restrictive. Overall, a provider with moderately complete services. Despite the disadvantages it is a provider designed to boost entrepreneurs.

Alternatives to Caracas Hosting

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Caracas Hosting technical specifications and features

Features Caracas Hosting
Price from $1.40
View offer
Shared hosting from $1.4
Dedicated hosting from Consult in Caracas Hosting
VPS Hosting from $8
Warranty 20 days
Server location Venezuela
Disco SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 600ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 600MB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions About Caracas Hosting

✅What is Caracas Hosting?

Caracas Hosting is a Venezuelan provider with more than 20 years of experience that incorporates creativity and innovation to offer the best tools and resources for websites. Its purpose is to support entrepreneurs by generating cultural, technological and educational resources.

✌️Why Choose Caracas Hosting?

Among the reasons to choose Caracas Hosting are the custom design, server customizations, cPanel manageable plugins, WordPress optimization and search engine friendly options. The plugins manageable from cPanel, WordPress optimization and search engine friendly options.

✨What are the benefits of Caracas Hosting?

The benefits that you can get after hiring a Caracas Hosting service is the ideal atmosphere for a web page. Also, all plans include free cPanel access and SSL certificates.

With this provider you can expand the services and resources that boost entrepreneurs.

💰What is the price of Caracas Hosting?

Caracas Hosting has rates that vary according to the capacity of each of the plans, however, the prices are affordable.

  • Basic $1.4 monthly
  • Executive $2.2 monthly
  • Pro $3 monthly
  • Master $4 monthly
  • WordPress Plans $2.6 to $11 monthly
🚀How to install Caracas Hosting?

To install and activate the hosting you need to go to the provider’s official website, choose a hosting plan and pay according to the proposed methods. Then you will access the administration panel to configure the domains and DNS.

Once this process is done, you will have to download some software, suitable for the hosting installation. It is essential to ask for help from technical support to avoid complications.

This has been our summary about Caracas Hosting, we tried to give you the most objective and sincere position possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

In case you have any suggestions or comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below. We also invite you to check out more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

Writer and Hosting Tester. I like to share my hosting experiences and write reviews.

Caracas Hosting User Experience & Feedback

Have you used Caracas Hosting before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Caracas Hosting service in the comments below.

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