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Com.Ar: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Com.Ar is an Argentinean provider, it had its beginnings in 2001, since then it has provided web hosting services without interruptions. It stands out for its quality resources to its customers and its digital business models.

It is a provider with great trajectory, quality, reliability, solidity and security, providing its clients with first class customer service. It offers competitive prices and reseller plans at the height of potential customers.

It supports cPanel access, pre-installed WordPress, dedicated server solutions, marketing tools and domain registration. Is it the provider you were looking for? we invite you to continue reading our review.

Pros and Cons Of Com.Ar


  • Competitive prices
  • Quality Latin American supplier
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Access to cPanel
  • Pre-installed WordPress applications
  • Intuitive and versatile provider


  • No WordPress oriented hosting plans available
  • Questionable speed Offers and Plans



ARS $885

Per month


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ARS $6,187

Per month


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ARS $11.564

At the mes

✓ 2 CORES Intel Xeon CPU

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Reasons to Choose Com.Ar in 2024

There are numerous reasons to prefer the services of the Argentinean provider, such as support guarantee, availability, security or quality. However, we want you to have a simplified information, therefore, we summarize three main reasons to choose Com.Ar

The first reason to choose Com.Ar is that it is a dynamic web hosting company, which provides services and developments to any website regardless of its needs and demands.

The second reason to choose Com.Ar is due to its ideal characteristics to start or expand your business. It offers a great versatility in plans, able to adapt to the customers you already have or want to start having.

por que elegir

The third reason is that it has security resources and servers capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations of its customers. In addition, it is a company that grows along with the websites it hosts, regardless of their content or scope.

Com.Ar’s Services in 2024

  • Domain Registration and Transfer

Com.Ar allows its users to choose and register for free the domain of their choice for their website or web business. In this option you can transfer your domain easily and simply without having to wait too long for it to come online.

  • QR Code

Com.Ar is in charge of adding the mandatory QR code assigned by the AFIP for any website with commercial purposes within the web. In addition, it grants a discount for hiring and the advantages it provides to your website are exclusive.

  • Reseller

Com.Ar offers top quality web hosting for those who have or want to start their client portfolio. It has a wide variety of plans for small, medium and large projects.

  • Personal Hosting

All Com.Ar hosting plans allow agile and effective self-management through cPanel management. In this option are located the most popular hosting plans among its more than 250,000 users.

  • Email Marketing

This tool facilitates access to online marketing methods that generate a high degree of impact and visibility within the digital market. It includes easy sending of promotions, offers and news to your customers.

  • Dedicated Servers

High performance and control for your website, is what Com.Ar’s dedicated servers provide. Ideal for advanced websites, they include unlimited resources and specialized management freedom within your website or web business.

Com.Ar Analysis and Features

a. Quality of Support

Com.Ar is a provider that has specialized staff 24/7. In addition, they keep their usual channels open for the convenience of their customers, from online chat, email, ticket and form.

Undoubtedly, it is a company capable of attending to all requests, offering accurate and fast solutions, without affecting the operability of its clients’ websites. Com.Ar is a complete web hosting provider that will undoubtedly give its best to its more than 250,000 websites.

b. Ease of Use

Com. Ar from the start adds access to cPanel, a must-have tool for managing and executing tasks within your website or web business. In addition, Com.Ar includes applications with the main function of developing and creating a website at the click of a button, such is the case of WordPress.

Com.Ar analisis y opiniones

Com.Ar is a provider that integrates useful and intuitive tools for ease of use, no matter if you are an experienced developer or a beginner. Undoubtedly it is a skilled and quality company, which will be at the height of any goal of its customers.

c. Storage

If you have a website that is just starting, you may want to choose the starter hosting plan, it offers 5 GB of storage. But if the goal for the site or web business model is to grow, it is best to choose an unlimited plan.

In the rest of the Com.Ar hosting plans the storage is completely unlimited. Most of Com.Ar’s resources are designed to adapt and grow along with the client’s website, an advantage that few providers can offer.

d. Domain Names

Like the competition, Com.Ar goes up a level by offering a variety of domain names, with the ability to adapt to any website. In addition, it has a catalog of popular domains with the best visibility within the network.


A domain is of vital importance when it comes to positioning the brand of your business or website within the network. For this reason Com.Ar offers this service for free, when you purchase any hosting plan.

  • .cc
  • .info
  • .com
  • .co
  • .org
  • .online
  • .website
  • .net
  • .es

e. Databases

Databases play an important role in the development of your website or web business model. For this reason, it is vital to find a provider capable of offering the greatest possible freedom to the user, especially in the databases.

Com.Ar is one of the providers that in most of its hosting plans offers unlimited MySQL databases. This allows the client to manage high volumes of content such as documents, multimedia files, information, contacts, applications and more.

f. Transfer

The only plan where the transfer is measured is the starter plan, in the rest of the plans Com.Ar offers this resource completely unlimited. It is advisable to establish the goals and needs of our site, to find a hosting plan capable of adapting and growing with our website.

Among all the advantages offered by unlimited transfers, is the scalability and reliability of the website, having all the resources to function optimally. In addition, it provides user management, traffic, performance and speed constant and unhindered.

g. Mail

Com.Ar is a specialist in professional email accounts and its Webmail sections for websites and digital businesses. This provider started as a business and now excels in customized email accounts for businesses hosted on the web.

Elegir Com.Ar

After its remarkable growth in this tool, Com.Ar develops in webmail solutions. Depending on the plan chosen, the number of accounts and storage of each of them vary.

In personal hosting plans it includes IMAP/POP3 email accounts in the initial plan 100 accounts and from advanced onwards the email accounts are unlimited with 25GB of storage each one. They have protection, automated responses, synchronization with devices, webmail through cPanel and more.

h. Applications

Com.Ar is also on par with global providers in terms of the applications and tools available in their services. Of course, their plans have WordPress pre-installed and access to cPanel, a must for any web developer.

Com.Ar also adds to its catalog of options to choose from Google applications, AdWords, Ecommerce, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and more. It includes SEO positioning, ideal for websites in expansion or that wish to have better visibility within the network.

Precios Y Promociones De Com.Ar

Undoubtedly, in this section Com.Ar exceeds the expectations of users by facilitating downloads through cPanel. Thanks to its alliances with other companies, users will have access to all types of legal and web development consulting at no additional cost.

i. Multisites

The number of providers that have multisites in their hosting plans are very few, Com.Ar being a reseller provider is qualified to offer them. Although in its basic plans it only offers a website with a free domain for one year, in its advanced plans they are available.

Com.Ar has the capacity to manage multiple websites with resources such as webmail, storage and subdomains. We recommend purchasing professional or business plans to get the most out of it and not experience havoc in its performance and speed.

You can also get the WordPress Multisite plugin to set up a network of multiple sites under a single installation. The cPanel control panel will be useful for multisite management.

j. SSL Certificate

Com.Ar is a provider that innovated in its security and reliability sections of its websites within the network. Starting with its QR code capable of protecting your site, improving the image and trust of your websites within the digital market.

The same happens with the free SSL certificates included in each hosting plan offered by this company. Undoubtedly Com.Ar has taken a step above other providers with global reach, you can count on security, professionalism and excellent vision in front of the web giant Google.

Com.Ar Prices and Promotions

Com.Ar offers hosting for business, personal and corporate websites. View all the resources that make it up and choose the one that best suits your website and goals.

Service Offer Price Savings
Starter Plan 1,015 Argentinean pesos Not offered
Advanced Plan 885 Argentinean pesos 50% discount
Superior Plan 3,834 Argentinean pesos Does not offer

Com.Ar Promotions

Com.Ar offers in its advanced plans a 50% discount for annual contracting, in addition to promotions of up to 50% in GiftCard. Although it does not have many discounts, it has the capacity to offer unlimited resources under the quality-price ratio.

Com.Ar Payment Methods

Some payment methods supported by the provider may vary according to geographical availability or user interests. Some general payment methods are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Visa- MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Discover Card
  • American Express

Disadvantages of Com.Ar

This Argentinian web hosting provider has two points against it, the first one is that it does not have hosting plans oriented to WordPress. And the second in its basic plans the speed can be quite short, which prevents customers from choosing it despite its low prices.

Conclusion of Hosting Com.Ar

Características De Com.Ar

We wanted to check if the provider Com.Ar was all that it professes in its advertising campaigns and according to the opinions of its users. After testing the advanced hosting plan for 1 year, we were able to appreciate first hand all that Com.Ar has to offer.

By using their services it is possible to say that Com.Ar is a reliable and secure web hosting provider. The speed was not pleasant, it is valid to characterize it as “standard and acceptable” for a mid-range hosting plan.

Even so, it is a provider that delivers everything for its customers, this situation is demonstrated in the customer service and the guarantee of 24 hours of availability. It includes cPanel, WordPress, domain registrars and servers, which denotes a complete provider and suitable for websites that are just starting out.

It is not a top-tier or global company, but, you will not regret starting and scaling your website with this Argentinian provider.

Alternatives to Com.Ar Hosting

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Per month Hosting technical specifications and features

Features Hosting
Price from ARS 1.015
View offer
Shared hosting from ARS 454
Dedicated hosting from ARS 5,175
VPS Hosting from -
Warranty 30 days
Server location Argentina
Disco SSD
CPU cores 2
Charging time 800ms
Control panel Optimus Panel
Disk space From 5GB
RAM memory From 2GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions About Com.Ar

✅ What is Com.Ar?

Com.Ar is a hosting provider that is characterized by its performance, dynamism and speed in all its plans. Besides being a company with many years of experience and stability in the digital market without interruptions.

Located in Argentina, Com.Ar has stood out for developing websites and providing customized services to all its customers. Its beginnings took place in 2001, being the first company able to offer personalized email accounts to many digital companies in Latin America.

➡️ Why Choose Com.Ar?

Com.Ar is a very complete provider and includes many tools that other leading providers in the market do not have. Starting with the usual WordPress application that should not be missing in any quality provider along with access to cPanel.

But in addition to that Com.Ar is characterized by working with Google applications, personalized email accounts. Ecommerce, digital marketing and many more tools ideal for business-oriented website models.

✨ What are the benefits of Com.Ar?

Out of the ordinary benefits is what Com.Ar offers in its partners segment in its official interface you will be able to access all the agreements it has. And you can make use of this for free and as many times as you want.

The prices that Com.Ar manages are accessible and competitive, it is one of the providers with more trajectory in all Latin America. It has qualified personnel capable of dealing with any inconvenience that may arise in your web site.

✌️ What is the price of Com.Ar?
  • Starter Plan $1,015 Argentine pesos
  • Advanced Plan $885 Argentine pesos
  • Superior Plan $3.834 Argentine pesos
🚀How to install Com.Ar?

To install and activate the hosting it is necessary to access the official Com.Ar web portal and then purchase the plan that suits your needs. Once you make the payment, it will be time to enter the administration panel to configure the domain and DNS. As for the installation, it is necessary to have some specialized software that you can download with the help of the technical support to avoid contradictions.

This has been our summary about hosting, we try to give you the most objective and sincere position possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

In case you have any suggestions or comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below. We also invite you to check out more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us. User Experience and Opinions

Have you used before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a service in the comments below.

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