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Neubox: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews & Opinions

Neubox is a hosting company born in Mexico that offers quality services to meet the demands of its customers. It provides ideal solutions to start a new web business, increase, grow and position your brand on the web.

This provider is accredited by ICANN, a benefit that allows it to offer domains listed in the digital market. Since 2004 it has been in charge of providing resources for websites and domains, becoming the largest domain registrar in Mexico.

Neubox includes in all its services, access to cPanel, pre-installed applications such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. For years they have been concerned about the customer’s investment so they have decided to increase the availability of their servers with guarantees of 99% offering refunds in case of dissatisfaction.

Their innovative features merit that we examine in detail each of its advantages and disadvantages in order to find the ideal hosting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Neubox Hosting


  • Free domain for one year on all plans
  • Unlimited transfers and bandwidth
  • Affordable prices
  • SSD disks with microchips
  • Free SSL
  • Access to cPanel and all its advantages


  • Website migration is an additional cost
  • Backup copies have an additional cost

Neubox Offers and Plans



MXN 490

MXN 420

Per year

✓ 12GB SSD

View plan



MXN 410

MXN 390

Per month

✓ 48GB SSD

View plan



MXN 70.50

MXN 69.90

Per month

✓ 25GB SSD

View plan

Reasons to Choose Neubox in 2024

Among Neubox’s best qualities is its ability to adapt to each client’s projects. The best that the provider can offer is adaptability and precision without leaving aside quality and without ceasing to offer improvements as the site grows.

Neubox CMS Hosting

Another reason to prefer Neubox is the approved certificate to supply domains, each domain name created by the clients becomes completely theirs. Undoubtedly, Neubox has an advantage over other more experienced providers.

Speed, response time and loadingtime are other reasons why users prefer Neubox, it provides quality. Neubox’s uptime never drops below 99.99%, a rate that is more than up to par for any website, and unlimited resources which reduces bottlenecks and increases stability.

Neubox Hosting Services in 2024

  • Hosting Types

Neubox offers three hosting solutions: web, diretadmin and Windows, each integrating access to cPanel or configured panels. Allowing you to start a website in a matter of minutes thanks to accessible options.

  • WordPress Hosting

Offer to take your ideas to another level with WordPress hosting solutions, which you can manage from cPanel. Create with competent tools the best website with Neubox for the best CMS.

neubox hosting wordpress

  • Domain Registrar

This tab houses all the available options for domains such as .com, .org, .net and more. In addition, you can migrate, register and choose your domain for free. It has monitoring by certified staff and help guides for quick management.

  • Reseller

All plans to generate extra income, rent hosting space to third parties. You can also detail the most popular massive resources such as unlimited multisites, unlimited bandwidth, full access to servers and security settings.

  • VPS

All server options and private server control is housed in this segment. You will have detailed information and plans for high performance VPS, Moodle ideal for educational platforms and traditional VPS.

Neubox Analysis and Features

a. Quality of Support

According to users’ opinions, Neubox has a quality technical service that meets all the needs presented in the development of a website or web project. Neubox integrates a qualified and specialized staff in several areas of web hosting available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Neubox has 4 communication channels: online chat, phone call, email and forms, you will also have access to all the guides, forums and help material for a more comfortable management.

b. Ease of Use

Both the Neubox welcome interface and the tools offered in the plans are designed to be used by professionals and beginners. Through cPanel you can shorten the time of complex tasks and simplify actions, thanks to an interactive, dynamic and very specific menu is one of the points to highlight.

Neubox Hosting para WordPress

In this way, cPanel is an ally for users to have a better management and development within all their projects and content. Likewise, you can build a website with practical, user-friendly tools. One of the latest additions is mobile compatibility.

It is essential that cPanel is able to configure email, databases and serve as a nexus to install applications.

c. Storage

Of course, before choosing a provider, it is recommended to thoroughly evaluate the objectives, goals and needs of your project. SSD storage is being incorporated into Neubox plans in order to make them lighter and faster.

The SSD storage has a capacity between 12 GB up to 36 GB depending on the demand of the plan. In addition, the storage used by Neubox includes microchips with interrelated flash memories, to offer greater capacity for processing and storing data.

d. Domain Names

Neubox seeks to provide everything the user needs and more by choosing it as a trusted provider. A domain name is the core of a site, it is the digital footprint, the presentation and identity mark of a website on the web.

Neubox offers a wide variety and breadth of domains that will fit your website without further complication. Thanks to its user-friendly interface you will be able to register, migrate or create your domain name in a few minutes and with no additional cost. Among the domains most chosen by Neubox users are:

  • .net
  • .mex
  • .com
  • .host
  • .org
  • .website
  • .fum
  • .online
  • .space

e. Databases

Databases are in charge of storing all the important information and content of the website. Neubox offers databases at the height of the market, in its plans it integrates unlimited MySQL systems with remote access.

Neubox seeks to provide databases capable of monitoring all content activities , organizing information and being able to store multimedia content and documents. Another feature that Neubox takes into account is the ability to create users with their respective passwords from cPanel in order to ensure and provide privacy to all its users.

f. Transfer

Data transfer is important for a website, it defines the amount and time of information that you can send and receive. In order not to cause slowdowns, Neubox provides unlimited bandwidth in all its plans.

You don’t have to worry about counting data, you can enjoy data and traffic without the need to set limitations. Although this does not mean that it is infinite, you should read the data usage policies in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Neubox seeks for all its users to reach a scalable and realistic growth, limiting transfers could be a notable disadvantage for this provider, therefore it seeks to grant more freedom and quality.

g. Mail

Neubox has a good WebMail service and professional email accountsto add a touch of seriousness and ease. The storage of the accounts is more than enough to cover any demand that users may have when using the mail.

Neubox provides an ad-free email service, anti-hacking protection in order to safeguard vulnerable customer data and information. In addition, it includes compatibility with your mobile devices regardless of their operating system, message forwarding and daily backups.

mejores hosting neubox

h. Applications

Neubox has cutting-edge applications that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations when it comes to websites. Neubox integrates more than 100 applications within its plans which you can download with just one click.

Access to cPanel allows you to manage the installation of applications that can help the development of the site, among the most popular ones:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Divi
  • WooCommerce
  • Figma
  • PrestaShop

In case you purchase VPS or Cloud servers, you will be able to download all the preferred applications that go according to the content and goals of your website.

i. Multisites

Neubox has a wide range of services on its platform and multisites are not left out of its catalog of available resources. It is an excellent provider to start your own business, reselling space in one of their plans and acquiring unlimited websites.

You can download the WordPress multisite component so you can create a network of websites on the same WordPress installation. Being easy to manage and to apply common configurations to obtain functional multisites.

j. SSL Certificate

Neubox wants to be part of many large and growing websites, so it adds one of the most relevant items for any website, SSL certificates. They are integrated to the main domain, subdomains and additional domains.

Neubox offers free SSL, you know that any quality hosting provider provides SSL at no additional cost. Neubox seeks to strengthen the security and privacy of your websites and be well qualified by the internet giant Google, if you are looking for a service that takes into account the future of your projects, this provider is the ideal choice.

Neubox Prices and Promotions

Each of the plans of this hosting provider has resources that are usable by developers and beginners. There is an option for every type of project, being a Mexican provider their prices are reflected in pesos. We invite you to check Neubox rates .

Service offer Price Savings
Tell It Web Hosting Plan 490.00 mexican pesos / per year 20% discount
Sell IT Web Hosting Plan 790.00 mexican pesos / per year 20% discount
Push It Hosting Plan 1,490.00 mexican pesos / per year 20% discount

Neubox Promotions

It has discount rates ranging from 20% on popular plans and 40% on reseller plans. There are greater benefits in discounts for users with annual contracts. It also offers innovative resources, WordPress management and accessible website builder.

Neubox Payment Methods

Payment methods may vary according to region or contract. Among the most popular ways to purchase and cancel Neubox services are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • PayPal

Disadvantages of Hosting Neubox

In general terms and user reviews the disadvantages of Neubox are quite small, however it lacks free migration. This undoubtedly leaves it below other providers that offer free website and domain migration.

In addition, its technical service in the telephone mode is only available in advanced plans.

Neubox Hosting Conclusion

In this way, Neubox has a lot to offer, regardless of the provider’s location, it tries to provide complete services at the height of each client and digital project. It has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, free domain, applications quoted in the market such as Drupal, Joomla or the famous WordPress.

neubox hosting web

Access to cPanel in all its hosting plans, and opportunities to increase profits with its Reseller plans. Neubox is a catalog of complete solutions for managing a website, keeping its promise to elevate and grow its users.

In short, Neubox is a provider that tries to meet even the highest expectations of its users at good prices. Become a Neobux affiliate and start making amazing profits.

Alternatives to Neubox Hosting

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Neubox Hosting technical specifications and features

Features Neubox Hosting
Price from MXN 490.00
View offer
Shared hosting from MXN 420
Dedicated hosting from -
VPS Hosting from MXN 390
Warranty 30 days
Location Mexico
Disco SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 640ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 8GB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Neubox Hosting

✅ What is Neubox?

Neubox is a Mexican provider with several years of service in web hosting, has hosting services, VPS, shared, Cloud, reseller and more. each able to offer and live up to all the demands that may require your website regardless of its size. It has a 30 day guarantee, technical service 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

✌️ Why Choose Neubox?

Among the main reasons to choose Nubeox is the quality in all its services combined with affordable prices. Many prefer this provider because of the unlimited resources, WordPress management and of course, the approval and certification to grant exclusive domains to their clients.

⚡ What are the benefits of Neubox?

The benefits of Neubox are the guarantee, security and privacy for the website. Also the backups, SSD disks, and the best domain search engine are great advantages.

Above all, this provider guarantees a scalable growth, with state-of-the-art technology, and applications such as wordpress, joomla and drupal.

💰 How much does Neubox cost?
  • Web Hosting Plan tell it 490.00 Mexican Pesos
  • Sell It Web Hosting Plan 790.00 Mexican pesos
  • Web Hosting Plan Push It 1.490.00 Mexican pesos
🚀 How to Install Neubox?

To install Neubox it is necessary to enter the official neubox website and go to the section of services or hosting plans, then you must follow some key steps

  • Purchase a Neubox plan
  • Connect the domain name and adjust the DNS to activate hosting
  • Install CMS to build websites
  • Start creating and editing the website.

This has been our summary about Neubox, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

Writer and Hosting Tester. I like to share my hosting experiences and write reviews.

Neubox User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Neubox before and would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Neubox service in the comments below.

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  1. I strongly DON´T RECOMMEND NEUBOX´S terrible customer service. It is the worst customer service ever. They have not solved certificate issues since 1/20/23. Customer service is the worst, they don’t care about customers. I have even reached out to management on LinkedIn, and thy have ignored my complaints. I paid services for years in advance and they don’t let me cancel. Do not use this awful provider!!