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Servicios Hosting: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews & Opinions

Experience and commitment are the qualities that identify the Venezuelan web provider Servicios Hosting. Since 2003 it has offered premium web hosting with an amazing quality of resources, with international standards.

It provides the best attention given by personnel and professionals, because the user’s happiness is its mission. It is a Venezuelan company pioneer in shared hosting, with a family vision that wants to see you grow.

Will Servicios Hosting be the provider you need? Discover each of its features in the following paragraphs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Servicios Hosting


  • Immediate activation
  • Unlimited web sites
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Large technological infrastructure
  • Website builder
  • Easy application installation


  • Limited server locations
  • Basic plans with severe limitations
  • Lack of monthly promotions

Offers and Service Plans




per month

✓ 1 website

View plan




per month

✓ Unlimited NVMe SSD
✓ Free Domain
✓ Unlimited Web Sites

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per month

✓ 1 CORE
✓ 30GB SSD

View plan

Reasons To Choose Servicios Hosting in 2024

There are several reasons to choose Servicios Hosting, among them is the 99% Uptime, this provider guarantees that your site is always operational. That is to say, the uptime is constant, in addition it has an automatic preventive backup with daily backups and database backups.

For Servicios Hosting it is vital that the user has a complete experience avoiding errors and loss of material, so it integrates account restorations in seconds. Another reason to choose this provider is the advanced security with malware scanning even in emails.

Servicios Hosting el mejor hosting

The protection of the Servicios Hosting servers is another point that adds users every day guaranteeing the configuration and optimization of the hosting account. Finally, the satisfactory experience, make the customer happy is part of the hosting, to achieve this integrates cPanel, WordPress pre-installations and managed plugins.

Servicios Hosting in 2024

  • Shared Hosting

Servicios Hosting offers three shared plans with integration of applications such as WordPress, Magento and Joomla that you can download in cPanel with Softaculous. In addition, you get weekly backup, dedicated SMTP among other features.

  • Reseller Hosting

A solution to start your web hosting business from home; reseller plans allow you to generate profits due to their affordable prices. After purchasing a plan you get databases, SSD space, transfer, domain parking and unlimited FTP accounts.

  • eMail Solutions

Includes cloud email technology to achieve better communication with users, store information and create customer lists.

  • Cloud VPS

The best way to find a private server is with Servicios Hosting, which allows you to choose the following distributions: Centos , Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian or Windows. And select the characteristics of the server

  • JetBackUp

Your site always backed up with Servicios Hosting, offering weekly backups, on-second account restoration and service stability.

Servicios Hosting Analysis and Features

a. Quality Support

The help you need is found in the technical support of Servicios Hosting, staffed with trained personnel for customer service. And specialized in fundamental aspects of hosting from basic configurations to advanced solutions.

Análisis y Características de Servicios Hosting

User feedback has praised Servicios Hosting’ s technical support because of the 24/7 availability of the service. You can communicate with support agents through three channels of information: live chat, ticket generation or phone calls.

Technical support is fluent in Spanish as well as English, other languages may not be adopted on the platform. When with a trained level for specific problems, you must communicate between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

b. Ease of Use

Servicios Hosting is a friendly provider for new users and dynamic for developers or educated customers. The control panel, cPanel facilitates all the functions found in the host, through a highly secure system.

From cPanel guarantee the creation of email accounts, DNS settings, database, configure script without being an expert. You can install WordPress in simple steps due to the intuitive panel either: DirectAdmin or cPanel.

The Venezuelan provider Servicios Hosting presents an easy to use website builder, you only have to choose the theme, add images, optimize the text and publish. You can apply image slider controls and full compatibility with mobile devices.

c. Storage

Servicios Hosting is a provider that focuses on power and performance, that’s why they offer 6 times more storage than SSD disks. Including NVMe to speed up the way of processing information and provide a fast dynamic, last generation.

The traditional and classic structures have been replaced by a storage or NVMe SSD spaces connected through the PCI Express bus freeing up SATA connection. For this reason, you can opt for different amounts of space in the Servicios Hosting hosting plans.

In the basic plans you get between 500 MB and 25 GB while in the package for advanced solutions you get unlimited storage. The basic plans may be a disadvantage, but they are designed for small personal sites.

d. Domain Names

Your identity in one place, registering a domain is part of Servicios Hosting, wants to offer the user the best hosting experience. The domain registrar has a powerful search tool, enter the name or keyword to request the availability of the domain.

The domains at Servicios Hosting benefit the SEO strategy in the long run, that’s why you should choose the ideal name. Also, the provider offers in its 3 hosting plans a completely freedomain extension for one year “”.

Servicios Hostind Web

In Servicios Hosting you are the owner of your domain, so they provide security against domain theft and not be transferred without your approval. A really practical tool that you can manage with the help of cPanel and WordPress associated with your domain.

e. Databases

Databases in Servicios Hosting is a great advantage due to the unlimited amount of tables you can create to store large files. MySQL databases provide the library composed of files, text, multimedia systematized to be used by the site in due course.

Although in its cheaper plans the databases are measured, the Servicios Hosting provider responds to the price-quality ratio. However, they keep their promise to offer databases that allow you to store a large amount of information and relate it to each other.

You can easily manage the database from cPanel by creating remote access or third party access. It is recommended to study each hosting plan in order to choose the amount of databases for your project.

f. Transfer

Can you imagine a hosting provider that offers limited data transfer capacity? Web sites would collapse not only for small projects, fortunately this does not happen in Servicios Hosting.

They care about your project and its growth, that’s why they offer different amounts of monthly data transfers in their hosting plans. It is recommended to study each plan before choosing to choose a package according to your needs.

Generally offers unlimited transfers, but with certain restrictions according to the plan you choose. If your site has a high number of daily or high number of visitors it is ideal to choose an advanced plan.

g. Mail

Servicios Hosting promises cloud Mail solutions with innovative technology to filter information and deal with web threats. A powerful service to detect Spam, in addition to having corporate mail features for mass mailing.

It has the ability to receive and analyze thousands of mails daily, identifying signs of cyber threats or spam. Each plan offers a quantity of mail corresponding to the price of the package, however, it shares the increased email continuity.

In other words, Servicios Hosting provides a protective layer for the email flow in your inbound filter to integrate redundancy and continuity to the email delivery. You can create email accounts from cPanel.

h. Applications

The best application installer has Servicios Hosting, integrating more than 450 applications or scripts that you can add to your host in a few clicks. In addition, check out the installation demos, with multi-language platforms.

One of the most downloaded and installed applications is WordPress, a popular content management system. In Softaculous installing WordPress is simple, you just have to enter cPanel in the autoinstaller options and select the CMS.

Other applications that you can install in Servicios Hosting, are:

  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • Moodle
  • Drupal
  • Laravel

i. Multisite

Expanding your brand? It is possible at Servicios Hosting, the multisite feature is optimized and features unlimited sites depending on the hosting plan. It also promises that under multisite your project could have greater reach.

Servicios Hosting

The basic plan of Servicios Hosting does not support the Multisite feature, while the others feature mobile compatibility and access to the SitePad website builder. You can also install the WordPress plugin “Multisite” to manage a network of websites from a single WordPress installation.

WordPress Multisite is ideal to configure, apply plugins to all sites and save management time.

j. SSL Certificate

Security will not be a problem, Servicios Hosting offers SSL certificates at really low prices. Although it is a disadvantage compared to other providers not to include free SSL certificates.

Even so, the SSL certificate from Servicios Hosting secures and protects your website to prevent information vulnerability and apply data encryption. A website with a web certificate gets better positioning and visitor traffic.

Servicios Hosting Pricing & Promotions

Servicios Hosting offers solutions with low prices and adapted to the comfort of the client. You can choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual packages. Check in the following table the Servicios Hosting rates:

Service Offering: Shared Hosting Price Savings
Betta Plan 2.35$ per month Savings by purchasing quarterly/semi-annually or yearly.
Escalar Plan 4.20$ monthly Savings by purchasing quarterly/semi-annually or annually.
Caribe Pro Plan 6.00$ monthly Savings by purchasing quarterly/semi-annually or annually.

Servicios Hosting Promotions

One of the provider’s weak points is the lack of discounts and savings on their hosting plans. However, Servicios Hosting has a good quality-price ratio, depending on the amount you will get free and unlimited resources.

Servicios Hosting Payment Methods

Servicios Hosting proposes some general payment methods for those users who wish to purchase a plan, some payment methods are:

  • Point of sale in office
  • Bank Transfers and Bank Deposits
  • BFC Foreign Currency Account
  • Mobile Payment
  • PayPal
  • Zelle or Reserve

Disadvantages of Servicios Hosting

Not everything is perfect, Servicios Hosting has some omissions or features that according to user reviews are unfavorable. Among these are the resource limitations in basic plans, although the provider is based on you get what you buy, compared to other companies their resources are limited.

Servicios Hosting precios

Another disadvantage of Servicios Hosting is the lack of promotions in the plans and packages, even if you contract annually no discount percentage is established.

Conclusion of Servicios Hosting Hosting

After analyzing the most general aspects of the Venezuelan provider Servicios Hosting, it is necessary to ask: Is this host ideal? After 6 months of using its tools and resources we can say that it is not a hosting for all users.

When using the scalar plan of Servicios Hosting we could see that it is oriented to small web pages or those who are just starting. Given the nature of our project it was necessary to change to Caribe Pro to obtain unlimited resources.

A great advantage of Servicios Hosting was the Jet BackUp options, they were very useful for data backup. Although their prices are affordable, we would love to see more attractive offers than buying a six-monthly or annual package.

In short, it is a provider to get started with a website, with not so alarming disadvantages and a quality of service managed in cPanel. It is ideal for personal websites or small businesses.

Alternatives to Servicios Hosting

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Servicios Hosting technical specifications and features

Features Servicios Hosting
Price from $2.35
View offer
Shared hosting from $1.10
Dedicated hosting from -
VPS Hosting from $10.50
Warranty 30 days
Server location Venezuela
Disk SSD
CPU cores 1
Charging time 500ms
Control panel cPanel
Disk space From 500MB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Servicios Hosting

✅ What is Servicios Hosting?

Servicios Hosting is a web hosting services provider that specializes in providing competent web hosting services. Their hosting plans come with very good features and at a price that is affordable for everyone.

Servicios Hosting stands out from most of its competitors by offering excellent features in their hosting plans. Features such as SSL certificate totally free in all their available plans.

👌 Does Servicios Hosting Offer Trained Technical Support?

The technical support of Servicios Hosting is very good. It offers a fast response time. It also has a trained staff to provide you with specialized technical help or assistance.

Users have varied opinions regarding the operation of the support of Hosting Services. But these opinions approve of the technical support via WhatsApp that Servicios Hosting offers you. The opinions are important to know the provider.

✌️ Is Servicios Hosting a Recommended Provider?

Servicios Hosting is a web service provider very focused on offering a quality assured, as well as the possibility of having a correct development in your web project. If you want to start a new web project. Servicios Hosting is ideal.

The latter is due to the technological features that this provider offers you in all its available hosting plans. The price available in each of their plans is very affordable and totally worth it. It also allows you to work with Webmail.

✨Does Servicios Hosting allow me to work my site with cPanel?

Yes, in all the web hosting plans offered by Servicios Hosting. It allows you to work your website with the great help of cPanel. Servicios Hosting knows the importance of having cPanel on your website.

For this reason they offer in all their web hosting plans the possibility of having his help on your website. The cPanel helps you install hundreds of web applications such as Webmail, WordPress or other CMS.

Webmail is a very useful tool that allows you to manage your email accounts. The Webmail is functional through the cPanel offered by Hosting Services. Webmail provides you with a great ease of use in your web project.

➡️ What are the benefits of Hosting Services?

All web service providers offer different benefits to your website in question. In the case of Hosting Services, they offer you the possibility of having a space on their server at a very economical price.

They also offer quality technical support and guaranteed server stability. The stability of the server is of utmost importance because the malfunction of the same, directly affects your web project.

It also allows you to work your website with the help of very useful tools such as Webmail, WordPress, cPanel and many others.

This has been our entire review of the Venezuelan web hosting service provider Servicios Hosting. We hope you find it useful and we invite you to continue browsing our web site to learn about many more hosting providers and enter the world of web hosting.

Writer and Hosting Tester. I like to share my hosting experiences and write reviews.

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